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MARCH 12, 2017

By Anita Mills, Ad Hoc/Interim, Temporary Chair

    1. Share the Plate:
    • a. January collection for American Indian Movement: $185.70
    • b. February collection for Society of Native Nations: $195.00
    • c. March collection for Society of Native Nations: $226.00
    • d. 2Q 2017: Projecto Inmigrante
    • e. 3Q 2017: Black Lives Matter - police brutality
    • f. 4Q 2017: UUSC program (yet to be identified)
    • g. Other suggestions:
      • i. The Well - Founded in 2002, 'The Well' is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. While it started as a simple, church outreach to a handful of people, The Well has grown into a flourishing, significant ministry among adults recovering from serious mental illnesses. The Well's philosophy of care, relational interventions and holistic rehabilitation combine to make a significant impact upon those we are called to serve.
      • ii. Look into Miles of Freedom - the innocence project
    2. Films:
    • a. February film 20 people, $34 collected
    • b. March film: Standing Rock: Water is Life - attendance was 20.
    • c. April 2017: A Fierce Green Fire
    • d. May 2017: Immigration issue (look at Swank catalog, possibly NPR documentary)
    • e. Promotions:
      • i. Anita is posting to Meetup - Dallas Sustainable Living
      • ii. Who wants to post to Oak Cliff Bubble Life
      • iii. Scott researching what is required to submit calendar items to listed promo outlets
      • iv. Remember to share film announcements on FaceBook pages
      • v. Kathy is working on generic flyer
      • vi. Kathy will reach out to a speaker for April movie, and backup might be Downwinders speaker
    3. Monthly information of SJM meetings going to Scott for posting on website as well in eBlast and FaceBook
    4. Turned in $300 to Dee for deposit to Social Justice account
    5. Anita will create a petty cash book and instructions to keep track of cash collected and disbursed.
    6. Actions to consider:
    • a. Renee suggested we look into what is required to become a sanctuary church.
    • b. Possible adult RE unit on sanctuary churches and the ramifications and practicalities.
    • c. Ides of March on March 15 - send postcards to Trump
    • d. Action to create a list of places women can stay when they come to Dallas to get an abortion.
    • e. March 27, Indivisible Oak Cliff meeting at church
    • f. Anita is attending a GreenPeace taught workshop on non-violent protest at Dallas Peace and Justice Center on March 26.
    • g. Kathy G. attended Cover TX Now in Austin to advocate for health insurance.
    7. Follow-up actions for next meeting:

Create generic flyer for film series

Kathy G.

Review promotional outlets and what is required to submit calendar items to them


Immigration film for May

Sherri & All to look at Swank, NPR

Suggestion to Board re: SJM work with Sacred Spaces to create an environmental plan for our church property


Contact possible speaker for April

Kathy G.

Petty Cash accounting book



Next Meeting:  April 8, 2017


The Social Justice Ministry meets on the second Sunday of each month, at approximately 12:30 pm. All are welcome to attend.

    Announcements this month include:
  • Share the Plate for the fourth quarter of 2016 raised $385 for the LULAC Rainbow Council.
  • Share the Plate for the first quarter of 2017 will be split between American Indian Movement of Central Texas (January) and Social of Native Nations (February and March).
  • Rebecca is the contact if you would like to attend the Women's March in Austin on January 21.
  • The February film will be "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song" - tell your friends, and share on Facebook.

NTUUC (the North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations) is urging all UU's and friends to participate in Legislative Action Day, February 15, to lobby our legislators on three key issues: Reproductive Justice, Immigration/Refugee Justice, and Income Inequality/Economic Justice. UU's from all over Texas will converge on the capitol in Austin to meet and discuss these issues with our state legislators. NTUUC is sponsoring up to two buses at no charge to participants (however, donations will be accepted to defray costs), lunch on your own. We will be briefed on how to talk with our legislators. To register to attend (and also sign up for a seat on the bus if you'd like not to drive), go to

We will begin collecting batteries (Scott has a box in the booth) of all types, for recycling. Also, Kathy will be putting out a box to once again to collect printer cartridges - they can be returned for credit, which could go to help with the church supplies budget as well as keeping cartridges out of the landfill.

We were disappointed to learn that there will be no Oak Cliff Earth Day this year - the organizing committee has decided to take a sabbatical and regroup. Also, we were unable to participate in the MLK Jr. parade this year - we just couldn't get an entry together - but we will begin planning for next year later this year.

Are you familiar with Guest at Your Table? It's a program sponsored by the UU Service Committee to support work with refugees. Look for more information in the next month or so. The Social Justice Ministry will be coordinating with RE in bringing this to you.

Leadership Development is looking for a motivated, passionate individual to co-chair the Social Justice Ministry. Contact Robertus, Susan or Barbara if you are interested. The goal of the SJM is to be decentralized - that means, that one person doesn't do everything. Each member of the group who brings a project or cause is a "sponsor" and the group supports them in their efforts.

That's All Folks... Anita Mills, Interim/Ad Hoc, Temporary Chair

DECEMBER 11, 2016

By Anita Mills, Interim/Ad Hoc, Temporary Chair
Informal quick meeting during potluck before Christmas Party.

1. Share the Plate for Q1: American Indian Movement of Central Texas ( with Yolonda Blue Horse as local representative. Anita will touch bases with her and invite her to second Sunday in January for a short presentation.

2. Movies: Jan 2017: Anne Braden, Southern Patriot, about a woman who was active in the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. Feb 2017: Working on a movie that will emphasize our STP first quarter recipient. Scott mentioned that there is a documentary being put together on the Standing Rock action.

3. Communication: Anita suggested we start compiling a list of community calendars so that we can assemble a listing of who, what, deadlines, etc. In that way, if one or more folks want to take on the promotions, the research is done. We will start listing on the FaceBook group.

4. Everyone was reminded of the FaceBook group: UUCOC Social Justice. It is a closed group, so go on to FaceBook and ask to join. That way, we can discuss our actions and ideas without worrying about spamming.

5. On the calendar:
a. Rebecca Marmaduke is working on getting a group of women together to go to Austin, and mirror the Million Woman March on Washington, DC January 21. We will post information as it is available.

b. February 15, 2017: All-Texas UU Legislative Action Day - North Texas UU Cluster will be chartering at least one bus. Information forthcoming for signing up for a seat on the bus. The purpose is to lobby our state representatives on three issues: Reproductive Justice, Immigration/Refugee Justice; and Income Inequality/Economic Justice.

6. Next meeting: Sunday, January 15, 12:30 pm in Hope Chapel.

NOVEMBER 13, 2016
By Anita Mills, Interim/Ad Hoc, Temporary Chair

1. Share the Plate - first quarter 2017 will be an indigenous environmental group
2. Films: December 2016 will be Fagbug, a documentary of a young woman whose VW was vandalized while she was at a pride parade - she then drove around the country, talking about LGBTQ
a. January 2017 will be a repeat of one we have shown before.
b. February 2017 will reinforce our Share the Plate recipient's issues
c. March 2017 - still looking at possibilities: a movie of a group of men in Aleppo "White Helmets of Aleppo"; or Constantine's Sword.
3. The Social Justice Ministry voted to sponsor a table at the Dallas Peace & Justice Center awards dinner on December 1. Seats to be offered for a donation of $10 to $75, sliding scale. The DPJC co-sponsors our First Tuesday film series.
4. Guest at Your Table - too late to do this UUSC program for Thanksgiving, but plans are to offer it around Easter.
5. Put February 15, 2017 on your calendar for the All-Texas Legislative Action Day. NTUUC will charter a bus (two if we get enough people!) for UUs to lobby their legislators on three topics: Reproductive Justice; Immigration/Refugee Justice; and Income Inequality/Economic Justice. More to come.
6. Communication: A FaceBook group has been set up entitled UUCOC Social Justice. It is a closed group, so that we can discuss our activities and ideas. Please ask to join.

UPDATE at December 4, 2016:
A total of 9 persons signed up to attend the Dallas Peace & Justice Center dinner, and UUCOC social justice received a spot on the program as a Sponsor.


OCTOBER 9, 2016 Notes
Anita Mills, Ad Hoc/Interim, Acting Chair


Share the Plate (collection second Sunday of each month) for the fourth quarter of 2016 is LULAC's Rainbow Council (LULAC is the League of United Latin American Citizens). Our collection will be contributing to the scholarship fund. The first quarter of 2017, our Share the Plate will go to an indigenous environmental group (we are identifying a local contact), and the second quarter of 2017, our Share the Plate will be directed to the Innocence Project.

Films for November and December have been chosen: "Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War" for November (an accounting of a Unitarian couple's work to save people from the Nazi regime during World War II), and "Sordid Lives" [Note: FagBug will be Dec's Film]. We are always open to suggestions for films to show that are in keeping with our principles and values. A form for film submission is available on the UUCOC website . Scroll down half way on the right for a link to the form.

The Guest at Your Table program of the UUSC will be promoted this year. Guest at Your Table is an annual fundraising and education program that supports UUSC's human rights work. Over the decades, Guest at Your Table has raised millions of dollars for human rights projects that have made a real difference in people's lives. UUCOC has traditionally done this around Thanksgiving, as we gather together with family and friends.

Dallas Peace & Justice Center is holding their annual awards dinner on December 1. Traditionally, UUCOC has sponsored a table, and attendees reimburse UUCOC as they are able.

Next Meeting: November 13, 2016, 12:30 pm in Hope Chapel; snacks provided. Come with your social justice passion and join the discussions and planning for action!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 Notes
Anita Mills, Ad Hoc/Interim, Acting Chair

1. October's film is Stolen Education 2. Need to create list of films for Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb (related to Share the Plate)/March

1. Suggested to Sherri: "Constantine's Sword", a film on Evangelism in the military; and "Clear Strong vision" - she will research these in terms of cost/licensing for possible November/Dec
2. Johnnie will find her notes from the previous screening of possible films
3. Sherri will look at her past notes/lists of suggested films

1. We are covered for 4th quarter - LGBT Lulac
2. Need to designate recipient organizations for at least next two quarters

1. Scott/Kathy to create a list of organizations that have been recipients in the past; possibility of repeating one or more going forward
2. Goal: Create a master list, perhaps by category, from which to pick recipient organizations

SNACK & SERVE TABLE 11:15-12:15 September 18
Sherri/Mavis volunteered to sit the table and discuss what Social Justice Ministry is about
Rebecca volunteered to bring snacks
Anita volunteered to bring a sign-in sheet for interested folks
Writable board to ask: "What are your questions re: social justice?"

Especially, we will be recruiting for a person who will help with promotion work of films

1. Rebecca and Ben suggested a model going forward of "committed champions", who are passionate about a cause/event and will be the point persons, with the committee to facilitate and help publicize and support the committed champions. Rebecca is drafting a FAQ to guide a potential committed champion.

2. Lateesha from Genesis Women's Shelter Faith Council attended our meeting. She is working on an internship and was recruiting a representative from our church to be a voice on the Faith Council. The Council's focus is how to eradicate domestic violence. There is a conference in May. There is a kick-off event at Highland Park UMC on October 18, at 7 pm. Who would like to attend?

3. Anita observed that the write-up on UUCOC's website on Social Justice Ministry is dated. She will review and start drafting a new blurb. Meanwhile, she will ask Scott to post the notes from each meeting on website.

4. Mavis noted that the annual Peace and Justice Center Dinner is Thursday, December 1. Information will be up on the website soon. Social Justice Ministry from Oak Cliff has historically sponsored/underwritten a table - seats are sold at whatever attendees can afford.

NEXT MEETING - Sunday, October 9, 12:30 pm.

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