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"Ours is a faith fueled by a genuine hope for lives of balance, lives of curiosity and kindness. Ours is a faith that welcomes the nuance required for a righteous life. Ours is a faith ready and willing to navigate the gray areas of our journey with love and compassion. Ours is a religion that will celebrate what it means to be purely human." - Rev. Mark Walz

We are a church that believes in...

    • The sanctity of conscience

    • The teaching of tolerance

    • The obligation of compassion

    • The expression of gratitude

    • The excitement of curiosity

    • The joy of hospitality

    • The nurturing of children
Sunday Services: 10:00am
Adult & Children's Religious Education: 11:15am

Unitarian Universalism is a vibrant faith tradition that allows each of us to come to our own sense of what is divine, or sacred. To know God for ourselves.

Our Covenant Of Right Relations:

We honor each individual’s spiritual journey.
We celebrate life’s abundance in service to each other,
our community, and the world.
We connect with each other in love,
respect and acceptance.
Thus do we covenant together.

Our Mission Statement:

"We, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff, facilitate individual spiritual growth and manifest our shared values through action with the greater community."

And Vision Statement:

  • Exploring Spirit with Joy: We celebrate our spirituality through teaching, learning, laughter, song, dance and love.

  • Reinventing Community: We expand community by sharing our gifts of energy, time, food, talent and wealth.

  • Inspiring Justice & Responsibility: We champion civil, economic and environmental justice in our community and the world.

  • Empowering Through Love to Transform Lives: We challenge ourselves to extend our loving community beyond the bounds of our congregation by affirming fair and responsible treatment of every living thing.

...so come learn more about the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff.

Whether our individual journey looks more Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, or Agnostic, we believe that all the great prophets (Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, the Buddha, Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, or Martin Luther King, Jr.) exhorted us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

We allow each other to name what is sacred for ourselves; to use the tools from our current and previous faith experiences as we seek the transformation of ourselves into complete and vital spiritual beings.

Although we rarely, if ever, think exactly alike, we can and must love alike. Here, in our Sanctuary, in this sacred space, we gather to build a faith community that allows us to come as we are and be accepted, to come wherever we are on our journey, and be well and truly loved.

We are officially recognized by the Unitarian Universalist Association (of congregations) as a Welcoming Congregation. The means that our church underwent a voluntary effort to become more welcoming to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gender individuals. The process involved a series of educational events, organizational assessment, and community outreach.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff affirms and promotes the full participation of all persons in our activities and endeavors, including membership, programming, hiring, and the calling of religious professionals, without regard to race, color, gender physical or mental challenge, sexual orientation, age, class, or national origin.

Have a special talent, interest, or just want to help make this congregation go?
We have a spot for you!

Click here to fill out our "Willingness to Serve" form and let us know!

UUCOC's 50th Anniversary
In May of 1961 our church was granted the first charter of the newly combined Unitarian Universalist Association.

Visit Our History page for more on our past fifty years.
Join us as we move on to our next fifty years!

We worship together, young and old alike, Sunday mornings at 10am. A nursery for infants is available for those a bit too young to participate. Religious education programming for children and adults follows our services at 11:15am.

Welcome Visitors and Guests!

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Sunday Services: 10:00am

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First Tuesday Social Action Film Festival

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