The Labyrinth Awaits You...

Please feel free to walk on your own anytime! It typically takes about 20 minutes.
Directions to the Church are available here.

A labyrinth in a grove of trees awaits your footsteps...
The Labyrinth awaits down the path through the trees...A photograph of a sign pointing the way to the Labyrinth

The UU Church grounds contain several wooded areas.
A clearing in one provides just the right setting for a labyrinth, a circling pathway for walking meditation.

On approaching, you can see white stones in line arising from the earth.
They beckon as you draw nearer - "Something interesting has happened here..."

Something interesting has happened here... a photograph of the Labyrinth

Though circular in design, the four directions have been consulted. The opening is to the east, it also is the exit. Here is the place to pause, to wait, to think or empty out your thoughts. Then step within and let the pathway guide your feet while your mind is elsewhere occupied. There is no must or should, as your experience will be unique.

Walking the Labyrinth on a rainy morning

Walk at your own pace. Please pass at the curves if your walk takes you faster.
Courtesy suggests your silence unless group consensus calls for drums or music.

While walking to the center notice thoughts and feelings. The center is a place to pause and process what you have experienced so far. When you feel the time is right, proceed back out along the path. When meeting others, one of you will need to step aside before resuming your place.

A photograph of the Labyrinth

Your exit walk may have a different tone. You may wish to close by circling the perimeter. Some people draw or journal at this time; reflecting on new insights. Others find a bench and gaze across the space; that too can bring a special feeling.

This wooded structure is organic. Its paths need tending.. Everyone can have the chance to share in its construction. Larger stones of limestone and granite and seashells gradually replace the smaller ones. It is light enough to be seen even without moonlight, so flashlights are not needed.

Another labyrinth was painted on a parking lot. It is exposed to people driving by, but easily accessed. It might be called the "park and walk."

The Labyrinth's Story

Built in 1999 by many loving hands, these labyrinths are always open. Their diameters are 42 feet (parking lot) and 44 feet (woods). They were constructed after labyrinth workshops were held at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Those attending were inspired to have one here. Walking a labyrinth brings a different meaning and experience to everyone. It is in keeping with this church's philosophy of providing a safe place for people to develop their own spirituality.

Monthly community walks are usually held a day or two before each full moon, when weather permits. To find the date for future walks, please check this site. The Hope building will be open and refreshments and restrooms will be provided.

A temporary labyrinth built in a local park following a light winter snowfall
A "temporary" labyrinth built in a local park following a light winter snowfall.

A view from our labyrinth to one of the trails on our church grounds.
A view from our labyrinth to one of the trails on our church grounds.

New rocks waiting to replace the old
New rocks waiting to replace the old

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