Our Minister: Rev. Mark Walz

A Message from Rev. Mark Walz

It is my profound privilege to stand in the pulpit on Sunday and welcome our members and guests to partake of the greatest religious movement available to us in the 21st century—a free Church. To gather in sanctuary where we are free to pursue our own unique and individual spiritual journeys in an atmosphere of tolerance, compassion, and celebration.

But ours is not a Sundays Only Church. We seek to build a community where what you believe is less important than how your beliefs guide and inform your participation in the world. Ours is a community that values the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. To honor our religious community, we work to strengthen our families, our futures, and the lives of all we touch—with love, respect and service.

We seek to build a community that honors our aspirations and imaginations. We do this through covenant groups that afford us the opportunity to explore the transcendent mystery of our universe. We do this through service groups that bring support and sustenance to those at risk. We do this by creating a safe haven for children to develop their own ethical and moral compasses. We do this through social groups that bring us together to enjoy each others’ company. And we do this through our Sunday Service where ‘free inquiry’ is absolute.

Ours is a religious community where we are free to invest the very best of ourselves and partner to create a better world. If this type of community speaks to your heart, you would be a valuable addition to our family. Come share your talents, come share your story, come share this journey.

About Rev. Mark Walz

Reverend Mark Walz grew up in Houston and Dallas. Besides his wife of 40 years and their family, he has had three other passions in his life - theater, politics, and religion. Mark has always been interested in the experiences and philosophies that guide people's lives. His work as a professional actor and director has allowed him to explore great literature through the venues of stage and film.

His work as a UU Minister in our parish has allowed him to deepen his own spiritual journey, and become an activist for social change. He is strongly involved with Dallas Area Interfaith, the Dallas Peace Center, and has served on the Executive Council of the NAACP. He began his thirteenth year of Ministry for Oak Cliff this past July.

You can email Mark at waltzact2@aol.com.

Mark penned a column for our monthly newsletter for a number of years. You can read these columns in the archive Minister Columns area of this site.

Mark Walz
Mark Walz

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