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Ministry of Lifespan Religious Education

Ministry of Lifespan Religious Education (RE)
Religious Education at UU of Oak Cliff is an exploration of Unitarian Universalismbased on our 7 Principles & 6 Sources.

All ages grow through studies & activities encouraging
  • the practice of compassion
  • the power of community
  • the transformative nature of leadership

We would love to have you & your family join us.


Monday-Friday, July 17th-21st
9:00am to 1:00pm

Please click here to download the registration forms, fill them out, and return to Kathy KinKaid as soon as possible.

It's a blessing each of us was born.
It matters what we do with our lives.
What each of us knows about god is a piece of the truth.
We don't have to do it alone.

Summer Chalice Camp was created & developed by Laila Ibrahaim (early childhood educator with M.A. in developmental psychology) & Rev. Sheri Prud'homme (UU Minister of Religious Education).

"For complex reasons, attributed to human nature, political or economic gain, or other forms of power, humans often destroy or dominate "the other."

In our religious understanding, we are called to acknowledge the spark of the divine in all people, the blessing of everyone's birth. This guides our relations with groups of people who are not like us or whom we have not met.

Throughout our Unitarian & Universalist histories, this belief has compelled us to fight for the civil rights of people who have been in some way marginalized by the dominant culture. The ethical impulse to resist that which causes life harm & to create the conditions for justice & the full flourishing of life is central to Unitarian Universalism.

Along with this comes an obligation to critique & correct the ways that we (as well as our institutions) cause harm to life. In other words, we all must be saved from the human creations that systemically cause oppression & suffering which leads us to the next statement, *It matters what we do with our lives.*
~ Sheri Prud'homme

We'll share time in Worship, Circle Groups, Outside Fun & Theater - Plays Include: Unitarianism, Universalism, Transcendentalism, & Civil Rights

Our Schedule

We begin each Sunday by gathering in the Faith Building where we share an inter-generational service @ 10:00. Younger children may join together on the "magic carpet" or sit with their parents.


The Nursery, located in the Hope Building, is open for babies & toddlers from 9:45 - 12:30 in Room 3.

Following the service :

Youth RE is held in the Hope & Charity Buildings from 11:10-12:15.

In the Hope Building:
Ages 4-7 Room 4
Ages 8-12 Room 7

In the Charity Building:
Ages 13-18

Adults are encouraged to:
  • Remain in the Sanctuary to further discuss the topic of the morning service

  • Walk the Labyrinth & the Sacred Grounds

  • Meditate in the Shambhala room

  • Enjoy connecting in beloved commUUnity

We believe:

  • Not what we are told to believe,

  • Not what we wish to believe,

  • But what we are compelled to believe

  • From the active use of our own conscience.

For further information, please contact:

Kathy KinKaid
Director of Lifespan Religious Education @

handprints on the mural
Please click to view our RE slide show and enjoy some of our activities.

Special Multi-Generational Programs

Adults share their talents and experiences with the youth.

  Mary enthralled the kids and parents with tales of whale watching
Mary enthralling the kids and parents with tales
of whale watching off the Baja coast.

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