Our Sunday Services begin at 10:00am.

Journey to a New Church

There is both Prose and Poetry in the life of our Liberal Faith tradition. It calls us, not only to dream of human improvement, it expects us to create a sanctuary where Joy abides – where Justice-Seeking becomes real. It calls us all to a spirited, eclectic feast, filled with fun. Just like our Wayside Pulpit proudly declares. Come all ye faithful, come build a New Church!

Service Schedule – July, 2017

July 2nd
It's The Little Things: Value of Small Acts of Kindness.
As the Dalai Lama once said, "Kindness is my religion." In today's world, everyone needs more kindness in their lives. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. From extravagant acts to the simplest of gestures, kindness can readily be part of your everyday life. Tracy Tanwar will be in our pulpit.

July 9th
God Of The GAPS
God-of-the-gaps arguments use gaps in scientific explanation as indicators, or even proof, of God’s action and therefore of God’s existence. Such arguments propose divine acts in place of natural, scientific causes for phenomena that science cannot yet explain. Rev. Larry Brumfield will preach the sermon.

July 16th
We Begin Again in Love
(A Worship Service in the Style of Taizé)

Taizé is a style of worship created by the Taizé Community, an ecumenical monastic order in France, founded by Brother Roger Shütz. It is a contemplative style, featuring chants, prayers, readings, candle light and silent meditation. Music director Autumn Van Volkinburg will handle the service.

July 23rd
Sneaking Into Paradise
Three stories about people who visited paradise. One who snuck in. One who was surprised by paradise. One who built it around her. Ministerial Candidate Renée Brill is back in the pulpit.

July 30th
The Rights of Man: Learning Our Humanity
Much of the world accepts the fact that there are certain human rights that we all share, but how did we acquire those rights? The service will examine the history of humankind learning to be humane. Robertus van der Wege returns to our pulpit.

Logistics of Sunday Worship: 

At about 9:30am, we begin gathering to share conversation and morning snacks (coffee, tea, juice, muffins, etc.) in the Faith building foyer. A bell is rung just before 10:00am to call everyone into the sanctuary for worship. 

We have members of all ages at UUCOC - singles, couples, and families. We encourage everyone to sit wherever they are most comfortable. For the kids, special areas have been set up to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of ages and learning styles. The front left section of seating has been designated for the teens, youth, children and parents, along with other adult mentors. Teenagers and youth, like many adults, often enjoy worship more when they can sit near their friends or peer group.

You can listen to a selection of recorded sermons by clicking here.

UUCOC proudly offers the Williams Sound Personal PATM
listening system for the convenience of those needing
hearing assistance.

Williams Sound Logo
Worship Ministry member Renee Brill in the pulpit

For children who are happier listening from a more relaxed position, there is a carpet on the floor in front of the pulpit, with materials to provide a multiple-sensory experience (for example, crayons and coloring pages related to the service topic). 

We understand that very young children may have trouble containing their exuberance and movement for an hour, and their parents can enjoy the service more if they're not worrying about their children. A fully equipped nursery is available in the Hope Building and regular staffing is available on most Sundays. When available, the nursery will be open for check-in between 9:45am and 10:00am, and will be staffed until the worship service concludes. 

Feel free to call to check that the nursery is staffed on any particular Sunday. If staff is not available, parents are still welcome to use the nursery, and listen to the service via the wall speaker.

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