Our Sunday Services begin at 10:00am.
Watch for our special Vespers Services on Wednesdays at 7:00pm. Please visit our Vespers page for details.

Creating Sacred Space

This year we continue our journey of 'becoming.' We are becoming a spiritually fearless, multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-generational congregation. We are attracting folks who feel the love, and feel the confidence to stay, and grow with us. They are gaining the confidence to invite their friends and family to come too.

At the heart of this is the ability to find a safe place to transform our unique and individual journeys from what they have been to what they might become.

There are many ways to reveal ourselves to the community that holds us; to create a curiosity that beckons; an invitation that compels them to share our joy; to savor our sacred space. We have an opportunity to become instruments of peace and protection for those who have come and for those who are on their way. Let us continue to create sacred space on our Campus, in our Sanctuary, and in our Hearts.

Service Schedule – August 2015

August 2nd
Healing Genius of Spirituality
Our human future requires a deep respect for science. We know that Science protects us and Medical Science can repair us and heal us. Spirituality, too, has healing capabilities and a genius that can repair us, restore us, and make us whole. Rev. Mark Walz will preach the sermon.

August 9th
Looking For the Other Side
Why do we Think the Grass is Greener on the "Other Side." Our Worship Ministry and Rev. Larry Brumfield will present the service.

August 16th
The Good We Can Do
What comes to mind when you consider the value of your life? Or the legacy you are building? A human life can often seem a wondrous and never-ending adventure, yet we live without any knowledge of our "expirtion-date." How do we live in such a way as to leave nothing on the table – whenever the end comes? Rev. Mark Walz will preach the sermon.

August 23rd
At the Intersection
Guest Minister, Rev. Valda Jean Combs, will be preaching about our ability to create a new tipping point for our journey to Beloved Community based on honest and caring relationships.

August 30th
Riffs on the Fifth Principle
Democracy depends upon us to express our opinions – whether it is at the ballot box, by petition or protest rally. Social action starts with conscience and interfaces with our participation in the democratic process. Social action can take many forms – on a continuum from voting to violent riots to peaceful declarations. Anita Mills, UUCOC Past-President and current NTUUC President will talk about how we can connect with those who have gone before while following our conscience and engaging in our democracy.

Logistics of Sunday Worship: 

At about 9:30am, we begin gathering to share conversation and morning snacks (coffee, tea, juice, muffins, etc.) in the Faith building foyer. A bell is rung just before 10:00am to call everyone into the sanctuary for worship. 

We have members of all ages at UUCOC - singles, couples, and families. We encourage everyone to sit wherever they are most comfortable. For the kids, special areas have been set up to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of ages and learning styles. The front left section of seating has been designated for the teens, youth, children and parents, along with other adult mentors. Teenagers and youth, like many adults, often enjoy worship more when they can sit near their friends or peer group.

You can listen to a selection of recorded sermons by clicking here.

UUCOC proudly offers the Williams Sound Personal PATM
listening system for the convenience of those needing
hearing assistance.

Williams Sound Logo
Worship Ministry member Renee Brill in the pulpit

For children who are happier listening from a more relaxed position, there is a carpet on the floor in front of the pulpit, with materials to provide a multiple-sensory experience (for example, crayons and coloring pages related to the service topic). 

We understand that very young children may have trouble containing their exuberance and movement for an hour, and their parents can enjoy the service more if they're not worrying about their children. A fully equipped nursery is available in the Hope Building and regular staffing is available on most Sundays. When available, the nursery will be open for check-in between 9:45am and 10:00am, and will be staffed until the worship service concludes. 

Feel free to call to check that the nursery is staffed on any particular Sunday. If staff is not available, parents are still welcome to use the nursery, and listen to the service via the wall speaker.

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