Welcome to the OakLeaf News & Events – a forum for news, events, and discussion for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff (in Dallas, TX).

We have decided to bring our monthly newsletter into the 21st Century and put it into blog format. Rather than putting out a monthly PDF newsletter, it will be updated on a regular basis and articles will be posted as soon as possible after they arrive in my inbox.

Another benefit of this change will be that anyone who has signed up to participate with this blog will be able to comment on any of the articles posted. (Please note that initial comments may be held for moderation.)  You don’t need to be logged in to read our content, only to comment.

We are dedicated to keeping discussions respectful and loving, in keeping with the church’s Covenant.  Anyone who seeks to create dissonance will be removed. This does not mean we will not tolerate disagreements; it simply means we ask that those who disagree to remember there are sometimes many equally valid perceptions to any point.

If you have an article, photos, or information you would like to see published here, you  may send them to ella-editor@oakcliffuu.org.

Beth Ferree
OakLeaf Editor

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Here are the latest OakLeaf News & Events:

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One of the things we’d like to see happen here is a gathering of the minds. I will regularly put issues out there for us to discuss and give everyone an opportunity to voice their thoughts. To participate you will need to register and create a username and password. If you already have a username and password for the main church website you can use the same credentials, but you will still need to register them here.  I apologize for the inconvenience but combining management of the blog and the website credentials would be a significant expense.

If you have a topic you’d like us to discuss, please contact me at ella-editor@oakcliffuu.org.

We celebrate the beginning of Spring with a Beltane ceremony.

On May 2, 1961, thirty people signed a charter application to have UUA recognize their small group as a church. Two weeks later, the UUA approved their charter and the UUCOC was born. One of those charter members was Elaine Wildman who still attends to this day.

On Sunday, May 20, 2018, Elaine regaled us with her tales of how the church began and what life was like for those original members. We are honored to have Elaine with us to share these memories.

Social Justice Meeting

First Sunday of every month

12:30 PM

Coordinating Council Meeting

Second Wednesday of every month

7:00 PM in Faith

LWCH Planning Meeting

Third Sunday of every month

12:30 PM

Worship Ministry Meeting

Fourth Sunday of every month

12:30 PM

UUCOC Board Meeting

Fourth Tuesday of every month

7:00 PM in Faith

Board of Trustees: (1 year term)

President: Vijay Tanwar (2018)

Vice President: Darvin Stephens (2018)

Secretary: Susan Ammons (2018)

Board of Trustees (2 year term)

Treasurer: Ben Marmaduke (2019)


Jose Espericuenta (2019)

Charlie Cranford (2019)

Kathy Grey (2018)

Past President

Dan Brown

Endowment Fund Managers ( 3 years)

Sherri van der Wege (2019)

David Biehl (2018)

Stephen Betzen (2020)

Leadership Development Committee ( 2 years)

Chair: Brad Guerrero-Neri (2019)

Barbara Fudge (2018)

Becky Brown (2018)

Robertus van der Wege (2019)

Gus Warren (2019)

( ed. note: This will be updated by July 1 to reflect those who were elected in April)

Youth Astronomy Camp is Aug 2-5, 2018

Over the long weekend campers will be immersed in a variety of astronomy-related activities including: nightly observing and star parties, leaning how to recognize constellations to navigate through the night sky, an introduction to imaging with smaller telescopes, solar viewing, and sky lore about the background and naming of constellations and astronomical objects. There will also be enough free time to enjoy the other amenities at UBarU such as, swimming, hiking, labyrinth walking, and any of a variety of games such as ping pong, foosball and horseshoes.

Register with the button on this website or go to http://ubaru.org/home/YouthAstronomyCamp for additional details and to register.

Cost of the camp is $275 per camper if registered by June 1st, (early bird), and $300 per camper after June 1st.


UBarU will host a Labor Day Star Party August 31- Sept 3 with lectures and viewing for adults and supervised children.  More information is available at http://ubaru.org/home/starParty and to register.


Funded by our NTUUC grant, this was the groundwork needed to start the “facelift” of our campus. We have contracted with a landscape architect to address both esthetic and practical matters — from better curb appeal to parking lot expansion and wheelchair accessibility. Watch for good things happening! (Kathy Grey)

Welcome to our newest members!

Sara and Clayton Spaulding who joined us on April 22

Ashley Duenas who joined us on May 13.

Be sure to introduce yourselves!


Here is a list of those members celebrating their member anniversaries in May:

  • 05/03/2009 – Kathy Kincaid
  • 05/07/2017 – Beth Ferree, Rita Jackson, Kenneth Jackson
  • 05/07/2014 – Shari Adkisson
  • 05/15/2016 – Sherri Van der Wege
  • 05/17/2015 – Marie Hollwedel
  • 05/17/2013 – David Raines
  • 05/18/2014 – Leah Pittmon, Tyler Pittmon, Clif Thompson
  • 05/21/1961 – Elaine Wildman





You can download past issues of the OakLeaf from January of 2012 to April of 2018 from our archives.