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CGSC on the UU Pespectives Podcast
UU Perspectives is a weekly podcast about Unitarian Universalists and how they are changing the world through the stand they take on issues facing our world today. Meet the people who facilitate making a difference in the communities around them. Whether you are seeker exploring what Unitarian Universalism is or just want personal spiritual growth or inspiration to impact a community, there is something here for everyone. You’ll be inspired to take action.

You can listen to their interview here:

Photos by Jan Brubaker & Pat McAfee.
We rallied to support the Mansfield Islamic Center in response to a threatened national anti-Muslim protest. Imam Mohamed Herbert, who was surprised and delighted to see us, treated us to a guided tour and a short discussion.
(BTW, none of the promised armed members of the hate groups actually showed up.)

The Common Ground Street Choir was in action at the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans’ birthday party for Medicare/Medicaid. July 30th at the Alliance/AFT hall in Oak Cliff. Photos and videos courtesy of Gene Lantz.



“If I Had A Hammer”

“Building Bridges”