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Oak Cliff Unitarian Universalist Church, 3839 W Kiest,
Wednesday, August 19, 7 pm
We’ll have songsheets and holler-along-harmonize-at-will with each other!
It’s time to get together and sing together, and talk about our experiences with our most recent “appearances.”
See you there!

The Selma Echo on Faith Friday, March 6 will take place from noon to 2 pm on the Continental Avenue (pedestrian) bridge in West Dallas.  Parking can be found in and around Trinity Groves restaurants on Singleton at Beckley Ave.

It is called the “March for the Right to Vote”

The Plan is now to march to the middle of the pedestrian bridge where chairs, mike and podium will be set up. Event will happen there and we’ll walk back to the west side.

The Common Ground Street Choir has been asked to lead the singing and chanting.  I doubt we will be adding anything to our standard repertoire, but will let you know if we do.  Most of what we already sing is quite suitable for the event.  We may have a chant or two.  If you know of one, or have an idea, please let me know at

See you there!


Legislative Action Day, Feb. 17, 2015 is confirmed and we will be boarding the bus to Austin at 6:15 am at Oak Cliff UU (3839 W. Kiest).  Call 214-450-4606 (Anita) if you need directions that morning.

Remember to reserve your seat on the bus (NTUUC is underwriting, but requests donations to defray expenses as you are able) – go to to reserve your seat.  Also on the NTUUC website is a link to the Texas UU Justice Ministry to register to have a name tag ready for you when you arrive.

We will be singing as we are able, and will be visiting legislators as time permits.  Also, there is a Texas Freedom Network joint press conference on the steps of the capitol at 1 pm.  Our reserved room for gathering is next to the Capitol Grill, so we’ll have some sustenance available.

New songsheet for the Legislative Action Day was uploaded so you can print it out. We’ll also have copies available.

See you on the bus!

Short notice, because it is a response event to current happenings in Plano.

The leadership of the Community UU Church of Plano is putting out a call to all UU’s and other people of faith in the DFW area to witness for equality at an interfaith press event they are hosting in support of the City of Plano’s recently revised Equal Rights Ordinance, tomorrow, Monday, February 9th, at 6 PM. Please be early.

Participants are asked to wear Standing on the Side of Love t-shirts, buttons, etc.  If not, please wear yellow or red.   The focus for the press event is “equality for all.”   Do not bring rainbow flags and marriage equality items which will distract from the more focused intent of the event.

After the press event, individuals who can are invited to Plano City Hall near by to attend the Plano City Council meeting at 7:00 PM. This is to show support for the Mayor and City Council, and to counter the forces seeking to repeal the Equal Rights Ordinance.  Decisions on these matters will be made by the city council on February 23rd.

For more information see the Community UU Church website and Facebook postings.


About 10 choir members showed up, along with our yellow Standing On The Side Of Love banner and lead the singing with help from the Jobs with Justice guitarist and singers.  We sang in support of WalMart workers’ quest for living wages.  We thank Jobs with Justice for inviting us to join them.  We’ll also be posting some of the songs we sang – appropriate for workers’ rights rallies.

Stay tuned for more information – we’re talking about joining other UUs from across Texas for the opening session of the Texas Legislature – on January 20, 2015.


Inviting all Common Ground Street Choir members and friends to march in the MLK Parade Saturday, 1/17. We’ll be joining the UU Church of Oak Cliff, Jobs with Justice (with whom we sang on Black Friday) and other like-minded groups in front of City Hall at 9:30. The Parade starts at 10 and marches to Fair Park front gates.
Look for our Standing on the Side of Love Banner at parade position 38 (JWJ spot).
Taking DART seems to be the most flexible transportation option- to Dallas Convention Center for City Hall and from Fair Park afterwards.

Hope to sing with you tomorrow!


The Legislative Action Day planned by Texas UU Justice Ministry (TXUUJM) on January 20 has been postponed for one-three weeks.

January 20 is the day of inauguration of the governor and lieutenant governor, and up to 25,000 people are expected to attend, with streets blocked off and attendant traffic problems.

Most importantly, though, the representatives in the legislature will not be assigned to committees for another week or so.  It is important that we meet with committee members and our own representatives in order to make our meetings more effective.

The leadership of TXUUJM is meeting with lobbyists this week and next in order to determine the most beneficial day (a Tuesday for sure) for us to attend.

Given the anticipated political climate for the next two years in Austin, it is critical that we all band together to make our views known in the areas of wage equality, women’s reproductive justice, and immigration rights.

Stay tuned!

We’ll have a rehearsal/singalong on Wednesday, December 10, 7 pm at Arlington UU (thank you Arlington for hosting!).  Arlington UU is located at 2001 California Lane, Arlington, TX.
If you are coming from Dallas, we can carpool from Oak Cliff UU; meeting at 6:15, departing at 6:30.
For those who have not attended our “rehearsals”, these are not formal affairs.  We sing because we like to sing and we are passionate about social justice.  We get together so that we can all become familiar with the songs in our repertoire, and build confidence for when we do go to demonstrations/rallies.
If you have any questions, please email me (
See you Wednesday, December 10!