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The Common Ground Street Choir had its first quarterly SingALong, with yet another congregation’s representatives attending. We had a great evening of singing and practicing our repertoire, adding a few ad lib verses to some songs, and discussing possible songs for future events.  We debriefed the experience at Pride Parade – which songs were picked up by passersby who joined in singing or clapping in time.  Then we shared a meal and got to know each other better.

PLEASE NOTE:  The revised songsheet has been posted in the Resources section of our website.

Stay tuned for announcement of our next regular rehearsal!

Sunday, September 28, 4-7 pm at First Unitarian on Normandy.
We’ll sing our songs and just have a good time together – pass the word to others who might have wanted to participate, but couldn’t on Wednesdays.
It’ll also include a MEAL (that’s FOOD).  We’ll provide the basics – a chili and a vegan soup, along with bread and salad and drinks.  Bring something to add to that – and we’ll have a wonderful social time!
For those who can, let’s be at the Pride Parade (in yellow shirts, of course!). Whether you walk with the float or sit in the booth, after the parade we will assemble at the booth and sing a few songs.
Since there is an admission of $5 for Lee Park – for which we can get waivers – it would be helpful to know who all is planning on coming to the booth afterwards.  Please let me know.
Also, we’re having a practice on Wednesday, Sept 17, on the songs for the Pride Parade Songsheet (see website for a copy – you’ll note we added some special verses and a couple of extra songs for the event).
See you Wednesday, and let me have a count of how many admission waivers we need!