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About 10 choir members showed up, along with our yellow Standing On The Side Of Love banner and lead the singing with help from the Jobs with Justice guitarist and singers.  We sang in support of WalMart workers’ quest for living wages.  We thank Jobs with Justice for inviting us to join them.  We’ll also be posting some of the songs we sang – appropriate for workers’ rights rallies.

Stay tuned for more information – we’re talking about joining other UUs from across Texas for the opening session of the Texas Legislature – on January 20, 2015.


We have been invited to participate with Jobs with Justice to serenade WalMart on Black Friday, November 28, 2014.  The action starts at  9 AM at 2225 W Interstate 20, Grand Prairie. Invite anyone you like!   We’ll probably only sing for about an hour.

Again, the songs are mostly ones you know with some tweaks of verses:

This Little Light of Mine

If I Had a Hammer

Building Bridges

Come and Go with me to that Land (with adapted words)

Solidarity Forever (to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic)

and another song written especially for the occasion – songsheets will be available.

No need to wear yellow shirts – just show and holler! 🙂

Tomorrow’s Sing-Along has been canceled due to the cold weather!! Please pass this along!

We will be singing at the Black Friday event
Thanks to all who were able to come today and braved the cold. Check out Jobs with Justice FaceBook page for some video and follow them on Twitter (@jwjtexas).

See you on Black Friday,
To our folks who are interested and available, here below is the immediate weekend action plan for serenading WalMart. If you couldn’t make it Wednesday evening when we practiced, we were delighted that they are using some of the songs we use – and also adopted some of our.  The repertoire we covered included:
Building Bridges
This Little Light of Mine
Solidarity Forever (to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic)
If I had a Hammer
Come and Go with me to that Land (with adapted words)
And one original song written for the occasion.
You will have no problem joining in!
Dear Friends,

We had a great practice session yesterday. Thanks to all who were able to come and special thanks to Michael Hawn for leading us in song. Also, many thanks to the members of Common Ground Street Choir for joining us. Not only did they bring their strong voices and willingness to stand up to Walmart with song, they also shared some of their repertoire with us!  Watch a short video on our FB page Jobs-with Justice-Texas.
We agreed to meet 2 times this weekend to sing in front of 2 different Walmart stores to make shoppers, passersby, and Walmart associates aware that we stand with the workers and their demands for fair wages and better benefits, full-time work, respect and dignity on the job, etc.
So now the plan is to meet this Saturday, November 15 at the Walmart store on Hall and 75 Service Road southbound. For a google maps link:(,-96.7870455,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xe3d6112ff2f4a1e0)
We will meet at 11AM on the side walk in front of the Walmart store. Please DO NOT park in the store’s parking lot. We are not allowed to go on their property!
You can park on State Street behind the store (free parking along the street) or on Calvary Street (between the Freeman’s Cemetery and the Walmart when coming from the north on the service road).
I’ll bring the song sheets. The forecast is for cold weather (mid-40s), so please dress warmly! We are planning a relatively short action 30 – 45 minutes.
Sunday’s event: November 16 at 1 PM we will meet at the Walmart/Sam’s Stores at Timber Creek Crossings Shopping Center at Skillman and NW Hwy (6185 Retail Rd, Dallas). Link to map:,-96.755672,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x7d3547b9a792e7d4
Please park in the parking spaces right across from the Walmart parking garage, near the Cici’s Pizza and the Sears Appliance and Mattress store. Again please do not park in the Walmart garage or parking lot through the yellow gate and up the ramp to the store. We need to stay off the Walmart property. We will sing in front of the garage and next to the ramp leading up to a parking lot. We will be on the public sidewalk.
If you have any questions please call me. Invite your friends, the more we are the stronger our voices!

We have an opportunity to join Jobs With Justice folks to learn labor/workers songs and sing to Walmart.

This will be a practice on the 12th and we are then looking for 2 dates leading up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday to sing in front of several Walmart stores.



The potential dates for the solidarity sing-alongs are November 13, 14, 21, 24, 25. We will choose two dates that are convenient for us.

From the Jobs with Justice folks:

“As Thanksgiving and Black Friday approach we were thinking that a fun action to make people aware of what’s going on at Walmart (and other corporations) and to mobilize for the strikes taking place around Thanksgiving would be to sing solidarity/labor songs in front of some selected Walmarts. We would do this on the sidewalk (not on Walmart property) at about 7 PM once or twice in the coming weeks before Thanksgiving. An action like this might also generate some earned media.

We would like to invite you to be a part of this and for you to reach out to your musical friends to turnout and support the Walmart workers. Gene has even written a song just for this. And Jann Aldredge-Clanton has written worker/labor-themed hymns.

The potential dates for the solidarity sing-alongs are November 13, 14, 21, 24, 25. We will choose two dates that are convenient for us.

Let’s practice at our next JwJ meeting on November 12 at 7 PM (1408 N Washington Ave, Dallas). Bring your drums and instruments. Let’s take on Walmart and have some fun.”