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COVID-19 UPDATE as of November 16th:

We had truly hoped we would be able to start socially distanced small group meetings at the church before the end of this year; however, according to the latest stats Dallas still has a huge problem with COVID outbreaks. As of November 16th, there were reported over 1400 new cases and six more deaths. With the warnings still in red, and no end in sight, the board cannot open the church and risk the possibility that future deaths could be members of our own church family. We care about your health and well being too much to take such a risk.

Instead, we will be continuing our virtual options and will add more for the upcoming holidays that will enable us to connect with one another from the safety of our homes. If you know of anyone who needs assistance to be able to connect with us online, please reach out. There may be ways in which we can facilitate that as we do have a few tech savvy members who are very able to do a little creative problem solving. We also invite you to let us know if there might be anyone who will be alone or in need of help in terms of food or other needs. While we might not be able to gather in groups there are always individuals who are willing to help by making deliveries.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. Please, wear your masks and stay safe. We love you and want to be able to see you again when this is over.

Your UUCOC Board of Trustees