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Week of Nov 28th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:
Wow! I can’t believe it, but by the time you read this, it’s already December and we are fully into the holiday season. I look forward to seeing some of you this coming Sunday when we re-open!

I want to encourage anyone coming to join us on campus to consider taking on the coffee service occasionally. You all know how much we UUs value our caffeinated communion. Let Johnnie Chatman know if this is something you can help with. You can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. I love hearing the stories of congregants who were able to spend time with family after such a long-drawn-out isolation. Unfortunately, there’s now news that a new variant of COVID may be headed our way. I will be sure to keep my eye on all the numbers and warnings so we can take any necessary action if Omicron becomes a real threat here in Texas. Admittedly, it is a balancing act of providing you with the opportunities to gather while still maintaining a safe environment for everyone. After two years of this, I’m considering running away with the circus to become a tightrope walker next!

There is a Workday Wednesday this week as we prepare for opening. We have a lot of things that need to be fixed or cleaned, so join Rebecca at 5:00 PM to see how you can help!
We are finally going to celebrate Winter Solstice again! Even better, it will be on the night of the actual solstice on December 21st from 7:30 to 9 PM. The plan is to have it outside, with indoor plans if the weather is inclement. Social distance and masks will be required.

This week Alicia Kalich and I will attend a workshop on pastoral counseling for the neurodiverse, and there’s still time to join us for the Southern Region webinar on liberation the next weekend. You’ll find information on everything happening in this eBlast.

We do have our next board meeting this coming Sunday at 3:00 PM. The primary topics will the end of the year financial questions as well as the possibility of creating a committee to support the Widening the Circle of Concern study.

This Wednesday (December 1st) the minister search team will be meeting to discuss our current candidates for minister. They will be narrowing it down before meeting with Christine Purcell the next week on how to move forward toward the interview process.

As always, enjoy the rest of your week and Namasté

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President

Week of Nov 21st
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:
There’s not much news this week. I am currently spending time helping a congregant find housing and we found some furniture for another person who just left an abusive situation, so thank you to Melissa and Chris Bartell for donating and delivering the furniture!

I requested donations to the church as part of my birthday celebration and we received a few monetary donations as well as a 70” television! This was kindly donated by Karl Day and his husband Lenn. The plan is to replace the television in Hope Chapel and secure the larger one in a slightly lower position so anyone watching services from the chapel will no longer get whiplash. Since that was the biggest issue when we tried to hold virtual services on campus previously, this should make a huge difference
Alicia Kalich and I will be attending two webinars next month. The first one is an event on December 3rd about pastoral counseling for the neurodiverse. If this interests you, you can find more information here (20+) Introduction to Neurodiverse Pastoral Care | Facebook.  Just be aware that at least one is in French, so be sure to check the right one (unless you speak French).The second one is the weekend of December 11 on Navigating the Path to Liberation. You can find more information on it here. COMPASS, Navigating the Paths to Liberation Together | LeaderLab | You will need to sign up as an individual but can pass along your registration information to me so we have a count of who might be attending. You can also contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

A huge thank you to Alicia Morales who spent Sunday at the church with the tree trimmers! It looks like she had a good time getting up into the cherry picker! Several limbs were taken down where they might pose a danger to people underneath and there’s firewood for Winter Solstice!

Remember, we officially open for services on December 5! I hope to see many of you then. It will be masks required and social distanced. We will be watching the Zoom service together with an interactive TalkBack after.

Speaking of Winter Solstice, it will be held from 7:30 to 9 PM on Tuesday, December 21st. Sarah Ricke will be performing the ceremony outdoors with an option for indoors in case of inclement weather. Barbara Fudge will be our Earth Loom mama. We still need someone willing to keep the yule log burning. For more information on the event, or to help, please contact Rebecca Mohr at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have an unwrapped toy you would like to share with a child in need, please bring it to the church. We’re gathering them for the First Nation’s Toy Giveaway on December 11th. You will find more information in this eblast or online here:

Have a great week and I’ll see you soon!

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President

Week of Nov 14th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:
As always, I hope this report finds you well! A reminder that we are opening for a socially-distanced service and TalkBack on December 5th. If you’re masked and feel safe coming, I hope to see you in person then!

A huge thanks to Kathy and Scott Grey as well as Aline McKenzie for staffing our booths at the New Vida Holiday Craft Sale this past Saturday. The church cleared approximately $258 in donations and sales. Unfortunately, since I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t get to join in the fun, but I heard the trio made some great connections and many learned how awesome our church is. I’m sure we will have a good relationship with New Vida in future events and programs.

There will be a Workday Wednesday this week at 5:00 pm. So, come on over and help with a few chores! There’s always something that needs to be fixed or cleaned despite our being closed for quite a while. We need to get everything ready to greet people on opening day.

Rebecca Mohr is planning a Winter Solstice event for Tuesday, December 21 and has created a Zoom meeting for Wednesday night at 8 PM to plan. You’ll find the link to the meeting in this eblast.

This past Sunday I attended the NTUUC board retreat and meeting. It looks like we will have more opportunities coming up in the future and they are discussing starting up OWL training again! Since we still have grant money set aside for that specific purpose it might be time to start thinking if you’d like to be trained. I know we have a few interested in taking the middle/high school training and I am personally planning to go to the one for adults. If you think teaching the little ones might be your jam, keep watching for more details later.

We do have a few sign-ups for the Thanksgiving dinner so we will go ahead with our plans to have a socially-distanced dinner at the church, with the option of carry out. Please sign up to join us! You can fill out the form here: The deadline is this Saturday so be sure to fill it out soon!

I will also be attending a webinar on December 3rd that focuses on pastoral care for the neurodiverse. The next week, on December 11th and 12th, is a two-day webinar with Southern Region Compass on Worship and exploring the depths of our spirits to liberation. This one is specifically related to the Widening the Circle of Concern report the congregation has agreed to study. There will be worship elements from the weekend that will be made available later for congregations to use. The cost for the weekend is $25 to $60 per person, depending upon what you feel comfortable paying. I’m looking into options for helping with the cost if anyone else is interested in attending with me.

That’s about it for this week. I look forward to seeing you all in person soon!

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President

Week of Nov 7th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:
Greetings and Salutations!

Yesterday at the board meeting we agreed to open the church for services beginning December 5th. We’ll be doing this in stages as the risk level goes down for COVID so the first services will involve watching the Zoom service together as a group with an interactive TalkBack following. Later we will start going to hybrid services with live and recorded elements. Masks will be required, as will social distancing.

The board also gave permission to Joeie Hile for an event in the spring! She will be working on a gaming and cosplay event that will be a fundraiser for the church as well as an excellent opportunity for outreach. We look forward to hearing more about it in the future!

Renée will be looking for a research firm, or person, to conduct a survey of past members in order to find out ways in which we can improve our church through diversity education and inclusion. Creating a committee to work on diversity education and inclusion is a possible option. If you would like to serve on such a committee, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know.

Several of us attended a webinar this past Saturday that was presented by Eastern Region on Widening the Welcome. We discovered that our greeting practices are pretty good! While there’s always something new to learn, the general feeling of those attending is that we’re already doing what was presented in the webinar. We are doing good work!

Next Saturday will be the New Vida Church’s Holiday Craft Sale and we will have two tables. If you’re interested in helping or selling your wares, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. CraftCycle Dallas will be joining us with craft supplies.

We are tentatively hoping to do a dinner on Thanksgiving. This would be mask required and set up for meals would be social distanced and served by volunteers. Since it’s so close to the holiday I realize many of you already have plans so we’ll only do it if we have enough help for clean up and serving. Hopefully, we’ll have a survey going out soon to determine who would be coming and if they can help. If the help isn’t available, we’ll try again around Christmas. Stay tuned for updates!

In other news, Rev. Deneen Robinson was interviewed by the BBC this week on our grounds about her work on SB8. I’m not sure when the interview comes out, but I’ll keep you posted.  She’s also doing our sermon this coming Sunday, so you’ll get a chance to ask her about it in TalkBack.

That’s about it from me. Have a good rest of your week and I’ll see you all soon.

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President

Week of Oct 24th

Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:
Welcome to November! October just flew by and I’m still catching my breath. We had so much happening last month!

If you missed the Haunted Forest this year you missed a lot of fun! We terrified young and old alike with zombies, David Pumpkin and his skeleton crew, witches, and the Lady in the Woods. The reviews were fantastic, and we made over $1300 in donations! This is, without a doubt, our biggest event of the year so far. I am sure photos will be provided elsewhere in this missive.

A huge thank you to all who participated, and a special call out to Rebecca Mohr for leading the charge. We were all exhausted afterward, but it was well worth it! A few of our visitors were repeats from last year and I’m sure they will return next time.

A letter for the Pledge Drive should be reaching each of our members this week. Since we are actively looking for a minister, we need your ongoing support to make it happen.

Guess what? The risk level for COVID transmission is down from red to orange this morning! At our next board meeting on the 7th the board will discuss how we wish to proceed with reopening. We’re getting there!

On November 13th the church will be hosting two tables at the New Vida Church’s Holiday Craft Sale. If you want to join us, let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we know how many are coming.

Next Saturday, several of us will be attending a seminar on Widening the Welcome provided by the Eastern Region. I’m very excited about the number of us going. This should be valuable information that will enable us to better engage with members and visitors alike. If you’re still interested in joining us you can register at 2021-11 Widening the Welcome - Greeter Training ( Just put our congregation in your information and the fee is only $5.

I hope you all had a Blessed Samhain, Happy Halloween, or just enjoyed the crisp cool air of autumn this past week. I’ll catch up with you again soon!

Blessings, Beth
Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of Oct 24th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

Our volunteers have been hard at work, as usual, this past week. The Black Lives Matter banner has been put up on campus after the last one needed to be replaced. This one is wind-resistant and should last us a long time. Thanks to all who found the time to take care of that. The Wednesday work crew went through the trails to clean them up in preparation for the Halloween Haunted Forest taking place this Saturday on our grounds. They pulled weeds, did general maintenance, and made sure the tiki torches were ready for placement. This Wednesday they will be bringing the decorations down from the crow’s nest in Faith to sort through and have ready. If you’re interested in helping, come on over to the church from 5-7:30 PM. There’s plenty to do and help is always appreciated!

The board met Thursday night. It was agreed that the ministerial team would set up a time to meet with Christine Purcell from Southern Region to go over our next steps in obtaining a minister. We later agreed (on Slack) and to change our waste management company over to Premier, which will save us money overall, as well as provide better service. The initial cost of breaking the contract with Waste Management proved to be worth the long-term benefits. Premier will pay $300 toward the contract, leaving us with a $264 charge. Given that we were paying approximately $217 a month to Waste Management, and our charge with Premiere will be $116, we decided it was worth the extra initial cost.

As most of you are aware, we have tent cities near our grounds. Since I’m in the area a lot I’ve noticed that the community is growing as eviction waivers have stopped and people are being forced out of their homes. I have had a least one request for help in finding a tent in order to have shelter for the colder months. If you have an old tent, know where I can obtain one, or are willing to help patch used ones, let me know. We still have some MREs to hand out, and New Vida has been very helpful in helping us feed people, but that’s not going to be enough once the colder weather sets in.

There is a group of us attending the Widening the Welcome training on November 6th, being held by Eastern Region. If you’re still interested in joining you can sign up here -  2021-11 Widening the Welcome - Greeter Training ( The cost will be $5 if you’re coming as part of the group. You can choose the check option and we will pay them or you can be reimbursed later.

Planned Parenthood is holding their virtual learning and connect tomorrow night (Wednesday) and you can join me by signing up here October National Virtual Volunteer Events ( They will be discussing the next steps in fighting the Texas abortion ban.

Our Treasurer, Paul Fucile, announced the start of our 2021-2022 Create & Thrive Pledge Drive on Sunday during the service. Please follow this link for all of the information, Paul's video, and the forms needed to make your pledge:  Create & Thrive Pledge Drive 2022

I hope I see many of you Saturday night for the Haunted Forest! It should be a great time and is one of our largest fundraisers! We need these fundraisers, as well as your pledges, to help us get a minister and offer programs.

Blessings, Beth
Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President



Week of Oct 17th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

If you’ve been at service, or on social media, you’ve already heard the wonderful news about the NTUUC grant for which we applied. We asked for $50,000 and got $60,000! The total amount will be distributed over the next four years. In December we’ll get a check for $5,000 to enable us to start the application and interview process in our search for a new minister. Assuming everything goes according to plan, we will get $25,000 next year, $20,000 the next and $10,000 in 2024. Everything received after the first $5,000 is contingent on us finding, and retaining, a minister for the four-year period. Since we still need to come up with matching funds to pay a salary of $50,000 it is more important than ever that we continue our fundraising efforts and have a successful pledge drive. Paul will be kicking off this year’s drive next Sunday with a video introduction.

This week we reserved two spaces at the New Vida church’s holiday craft fair on November 13 th. We will be selling some of the craft supplies we have left and offering opportunities to congregants to join us and sell their wares. We’re asking that 20% of whatever is earned be donated back to the church which makes it a win-win for everyone. If you’d like to participate, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let the team know.

We have 9 signed up for the NTUUC webinar next Saturday on being a non-anxious presence. Let’s continue the trend of having UUCOC one of the most represented congregation at the event! There’s still a space left if anyone is interested.

The Board held its regular meeting Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm. The items discussed were waste management (which was tabled until our next meeting Thursday night) and various financial matters. We agreed to increase the amount we pay our bookkeeper $100 a month so she could continue providing us such great service and decided we would start reviewing staff pay each December. This will enable us to look at the possibility of increasing pay amounts to staff when we have the money available to do so.  Paul also reported that forgiveness for the PPP loan was submitted and is currently accepted pending a review. Our next meeting will be held this Thursday to discuss the minister search status and approve a waste removal bid.

Remember Wednesday Workdays are back starting this week and the crew will be working on preparations for the Haunted Forest on October 30th. Join us Wednesday at 5:00 pm for some companionship and a little physical exertion.

And, in conclusion, another shout out to those who are on the ministerial search committee and their successful grant proposal! A very special thank you to Alicia Kalich who pulled it all together at the last minute so I could get it sent off before the deadline.

We’re doing great, folks! There’s still lots to do and I know everyone is still in trauma mode after the past two years of isolation; but, if we keep working together we can move forward to a better future for our little family.

Blessed be!

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of Oct 10th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

What a week! A huge thank you to everyone who helped with the CraftCycle Dallas event on Sunday afternoon! Donna Leach, friend Aline McKenzie and Kathy Grey did a lion’s share of the work and deserve a huge shout out of appreciation! Although we didn’t raise quite as much as we hoped for (a little under $425) we did a fantastic job for the first effort and are currently brainstorming ways in which to continue the event into the future. If you did not attend, you missed free cupcakes from Lady Caker, Marisol Leach! She was out there with Jessica handing out assorted flavors and made a sweet difference in the day of those who shopped, as well as those who worked.

I had a wonderful opportunity for outreach! We had a visitor, Pepper Mintz, who is eager to start getting involved with our congregation! Pepper spends her days caring for critical care kitties and keeping track of supplies for a local rescue. After talking to her at length I can tell you she’s got some strong organizational skills! Something we always need in a small church.

Welcome to our newest member, Tami Hillberry! Tami has been joining us on Zoom and attended the Repro March with other congregants. After a great discussion on diversity education in TalkBack we learned this is one of the things in her wheelhouse so she will be getting more information on how we might be able to incorporate this into our congregational, and leadership, trainings. She’s also another writer so perhaps I can start up my writing group again after we all get through this crazy time.

Are you a crafter? Do you sell what you make? We are currently considering purchasing a couple of tables for the New Vida holiday craft sale on November 13th and want to know how many would be interested. We will sell more of the supplies from Sunday’s sale; but also, some of our artists might consider joining as well. You could earn money and help the church through a 20% commission on sales. If this is something you think you’d like to do, send a quick email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know. I can reserve space once I have an idea of how many might participate. You can also call the church and let Rita know as well.

Don’t forget the Haunted Forest fundraiser on October 30th! If you’d like to help prepare, we are going back to Workday Wednesdays to prepare for the event. The hours for October are the 20th  from 5-7:30pm, and the 27th from 5-7:30pm.  You can also sign up to work the event itself on our volunteer signup sheet at We need all the help we can get to make it a success!

Next Sunday will be our Board meeting. On the agenda will be the pledge drive, status of our PPP loan, Widening the Circle of Concern, and consideration of our waste management company. Hopefully, I will also have an update on the status of our grant request to NTUUC.

It’s not too late to sign up for the Non-Anxious Presence seminar NTUUC is holding on October 23rd! You can fill out the form at and I’ll make sure everyone gets registered. We need to have registrations in by next Monday.

In the meantime, you can always check us out on our Discord server. There are no set hours right now, but people pop in and out of there fairly frequently. Just say hi and someone may be online to chat.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of Oct 3rd
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

This past week has been largely focused on two main events that took place this weekend. Saturday a group of eight people representing UUCOC attended the Reproductive Rights March in downtown Dallas. Although I couldn’t attend personally due to preparations for Elaine’s memorial, it was great to see everyone in person when they returned. They said the march was largely peaceful and the counter protest only consisted of a few people with loud voices. Joining our group were Raina Storm, with friends in tow, and Tami Hillberry. It was so good to see Raina again and meet Tami for the first time. Tami has been a regular attender of our Zoom services and is looking forward to being part of our community when we reopen. Also, a huge thanks to Mavis Belisle who brought me a scarf with Bans off our Bodies printed on it! I love it and will display it prominently.

On Sunday afternoon we held Elaine’s memorial service at the church. The last surviving founder, Sue Coates flew in for the event and one of Elaine’s friends of over 70 years also attended. We had a few moments of anxiety when Deneen texted me that she was delayed, but it all got worked out and the service was wonderful! It was so special to be able to have Sue read the chalice lighting, and extinguishing, words for us! Since she just flew in for the day, I was able to spend a little time getting to know her while she waited for her ride back to the airport and I will always treasure that opportunity.

There were approximately 28 in attendance on Zoom and 33 in person, so we were able to social distance safely and take time to enjoy Elaine’s favorite foods of Swedish meatballs and cheesecake with blueberries. A very special thank you to all who donated and gave of their time to make it memorable for the family. Those involved in creating this special event Sunday were Johnnie Chatman, Susan Ammons, Carol Dengle, Kathy and Scott Grey, Kelly and Sherri Randall, Barbara Fudge and Deneen Robinson. A special thanks to Scott and Rita for collaborating on a webpage on our site dedicated to Elaine’s memory. The family was very grateful for the love and caring still alive in this congregation. You’ll find this page at

This coming week will be another busy one as we prepare for the CraftCycle Dallas resale event on campus next Sunday. There are thousands of craft items to be priced so if you want a sneak peek several of us will be there Wednesday afternoon!

NTUUC is offering a workshop on being a non-anxious presence Saturday, October 23rd at 10:00 AM and we will be paying $50 for 10 people to attend. This is an incredible opportunity for our ministry leaders, potential leaders, and anyone who just wants to understand what it means to be self-differentiated. It is largely about learning how to step back in a crisis, or difficult situation, and deal with it objectively. Too often differences trigger reactions that are not necessarily helpful in communication, and we need to be able to discern what’s important to address while not becoming part of the issue. If you’re interested in attending, please fill out the form here:

In other news, the NTUUC grant request for funding for a minister was submitted on time with moments to spare! I will have more information after their endowment meets October 16th, but was very encouraged after speaking to their chair.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll see you all soon!
Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of Sept 26th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

I hope everyone is doing well this week! We have a lot of activities coming up in October so prepare for a busy month. Next Sunday, at 1:00 pm will be Elaine Wildman’s memorial service at the church. The family has requested that anyone attending in person be fully vaccinated and there will be extra masks available for anyone who needs one. If you cannot attend in person, the service will be on Zoom and you can join us here:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 3814 8431
Passcode: 891506
Dial by your location
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
Meeting ID: 825 3814 8431
Passcode: 891506

There will be a reception following the service with Elaine’s favorite foods.

On October 10th, from 1:00-5:00 pm will be our fundraiser with Aline McKinsey through Craft Cycle Dallas. A LOT of stuff has been donated so be sure to come and see what you can use in your next arts and crafts project!

We also will have our Haunted Forest on the 30th of the month, for one night only. If you’d like to volunteer your time and skills, you can do so by signing up at I hope to see lots of you there!

At our board meeting Sunday, the board finalized our search for a new minister with a vote. The application for the NTUUC grant will be submitted this week and we already have some interest in the position. We also discussed some ways in which to create more interest in Widening the Circle of Concern. If you’re interested in joining the discussions with Renee, you can email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The webinar with NTUUC on White Supremacy was fantastic and provided those attending with a lot of good information. Nine UUCOC congregants registered for the event and everyone who registered attended, which made us the largest cohesive group in the room! Way to go, everyone! Thanks to everyone who has supported this. There will be more webinars in the future along this topic.

There will no longer be a social hour on Friday nights since interest has waned, but our Discord channel is open, and you can pop in there at any time to see who might be available to chat. Renee has put various resources there as well to which anyone can add.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of Sept 19th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

I hope everyone has had a good week! It was busy, but productive!

Last Sunday the board agreed to table the re-opening for services until after the infection level goes from red to orange. Hopefully that will be soon. We are also keeping a close eye on when vaccinations will be available for our children so they can join us as well.

There was a great deal of interest among congregants to have a strategy meeting with Deneen on how we can help with eliminating the onerous SB8 law making abortions illegal, so there will be a Zoom gathering at 2:00 pm this Sunday. You’ll find the link in this Eblast. For those who were planning to attend the Dallas Reproductive Liberation March on October 2nd, it is being held at Main Street Garden Park downtown at 1:00 pm. Plans to gather as a group can be made at Sunday’s meeting.

The board will also be meeting Sunday at 3:00 pm to discuss the Widening the Circle of Concern report. You are also encouraged to join us at the NTUUC webinar Thursday evening on White Supremacy. The discussion will be focused on what can be done here in the North Texas area.

Paul Fucile will be kicking off our annual pledge drive with his sermon on October 3rd. We need all the pledges we can get right now as our search for a minister continues. The grant request for NTUUC is due at the end of this month, and the grant writing is being handled by our awesome minister search team. A huge thanks to Emily Glenn, who is donating her grant-writing skills and time so we can get the money we need to move forward.

Elaine Wildman’s memorial service will be held Sunday, October 3rd at 1:00 pm on the church grounds. It will be live-streamed for anyone who can’t be there and Deneen Robinson will be officiating it.

Remember to join us on campus October 10th for the CraftCycle Dallas pop-up sale organized by our friend, Aline McKenzie. There is a lot of good stuff already gathered in the RE office for the event and more will be added over the next week or two. If you do any type of craft or art, this is not something you want to miss! It’s held completely outdoors, and masks will be required.

Later in the month, on the 30th of October, we will be having our Halloween Haunted Forest -- one night only this year. Rebecca Mohr is looking for volunteers to help with the event so head here to fill out the form ( It’s always a lot of fun! If you can’t help, be sure to mark your calendars and be prepared to be terrified!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President

Week of Sept 12th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

Although the weather is only slightly cooler than August, autumn is in the air. Hopefully this will be a time during which we can begin to meet again, outside and masked though we might be.

I have been working on reaching out to potential congregants as I hear about interest from people in the area. I also participated in a discussion with others who are invested in social justice and learned so much about education and environmental justice I didn’t know, as one of the participants is on the State Board of Education for Texas.

There are currently four of us signed up for the NTUUC webinar on the 23rd . The webinar will be on White Supremacy and is important to our study of Widening the Circle of Concern. We will hear from experts on this subject matter. There’s still time to register if you’d like to attend with us. [Details below and at]

Things are getting busy on campus right now as Donna Leach prepares for our craft sale on October 10th and Kathy Grey is painting doors in Hope. She’s been so enthusiastic about painting I have wondered if I should avoid her paint brush in case I, too, end up a different color. The building is now bright and inviting, almost ready to welcome children back as soon as it’s safe for them.

I will be on campus one day this week looking through history and documents for information on Elaine as well as anything I can find that might help with writing the Policies and Procedures.

There is a board meeting this next Sunday. On the agenda are re-opening and rentals will be joining us to discuss their responsibilities. Please join us if these are of interest to you personally. Remember to fill out our survey on re-opening by Friday so I can get the information together by Sunday. You’ll find it at

Have a good week and I’ll see you soon.

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President 
Week of Sept 5th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:
Unfortunately, we received some sad news Sunday. Our last remaining charter member, Elaine Wildman passed away. I have such fond memories of Elaine myself, such as the afternoon I spent with her and Susan Ammons going through photos for our history. She was always the first to greet newcomers and made each of us feel at home immediately. She was genuinely interested and provided great wisdom when new ideas came up. My deep condolences to the family. I have not yet heard of when the memorial service will be, but we will keep you updated.
This was also a difficult week for the state of Texas. On September 1st, an onerous law was enacted that would prevent women from getting an abortion at or beyond the six-week mark. This was not simply an attack on abortion but an attempt by the state legislators to control anyone with a uterus. In TalkBack Sunday this was the primary topic of conversation and we discussed ways in which the church could get involved in fighting it. I encourage everyone to participate in the Repro March scheduled for October 2nd. This march will take place all over the nation and I am currently involved in the planning for the one here in Dallas with other church leaders. I will be speaking with other UUs this week about the possibility of how we can get involved in any legal action being taken. Deneen and I have discussed the possibility of opening the church grounds for meditation, counseling and finding ways to connect anyone seeking an abortion with a ride to another state. If you’d like to be involved in this effort you can contact me or watch here for further developments. 
The next board meeting will be September 19th, at which time we will be discussing whether we will be able to re-open on the 26th. Although we are still in the red zone now, we don’t know when that will end so the worship team has decided to create a survey to go out to the congregation this week to determine what level of risk you are willing to take to meet on campus for an outdoor service. You’ll find this here. These results will be considered at the board meeting. You’re also welcome to join us there if you’d like more input into the process. 
In my sermon Sunday, I mentioned the importance of participating in the Widening the Circle of Concern workshop. I want to clarify that the Widening the Circle Report is specifically about how we might take action to change the White Supremacist culture specifically within UU congregations through structural and attitude changes.  I also encourage you all to attend the NTUUC webinar on September 23rd, which will be geared specifically to actions we can take within the North Texas cluster. You’ll find more information in this eblast. 
Remember, we have social hours on Discord Tuesday night from 7-8 and Friday night Zoom from 9-10 for anyone interested in chatting.
Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of August 29th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

Although I was unable to keep up with much this past week due to personal issues, I did make contact with a few people, as I do each week, and the usual suspects were busy as usual. I so appreciate them! Kathy Grey got the doors painted red on Faith, and if you’re interested in learning more about the meaning behind the color you should check out her Facebook post! Don’t use Facebook? Here’s the link to the article she posted. What Does A Red Front Door Mean? - Doors & More (

We did have a minor incident when the wind blew limbs down from the large pecan tree by the gazebo but, other than a small hole and a few scrapes, the structure escaped injury and Kenneth Jackson removed the limbs, which he will use as firewood this winter. I’d take some but Daniel wouldn’t appreciate it, given we don’t have a fireplace. Go figure. I’m sure he left enough around for us to build a fire out back this fall so we can have a cookout when the weather permits.

The risk of transmission for COVID is still in red as of this writing so we need everyone to send good vibes, prayers, spells, and anything else that might get us down to orange before our projected opening date of September 26. The board will make a final decision on the 19th at our next meeting. If it’s red we can’t go ahead; if it’s orange, we can….Wait, what rhymes with orange?

Assuming we are out of red by October 10th, Donna Leach is partnering with friend of the church Aline McKenzie for our first fundraiser of the year. It will be an outdoor craft sale and they are asking for donations of unused craft supplies, art tools and other hobby items so they can be passed along to someone else. All proceeds from the sales will go to the church. You can find more information in this eBlast.

I think I mentioned this last week, but we are asking for anyone who has a canopy and/or extra camping chairs to bring them to the first service so we can meet at the gazebo and watch the service even if it’s raining.

Our younger members are interested in meeting on Discord, so there will be a social hour scheduled for Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00 pm, but you can log in any time and see if someone is on. I’ve heard rumors that they are considering what games they might be able to get going there.

As always, you can also join social hour on Zoom Friday nights from 9:00-10:00 pm. While it’s often the older generation attending it’s also often a good discussion. Just because we’re old doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun!

I’ll see you all Sunday when I give my State of the Congregation address. Come find out what we’ve been up to and what we’ll be doing in the future.

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of August 22nd
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

Each week, when I write this report, I must dig deep to discover what I did the week before. Not because I’m not busy but because the weeks fly by so quickly it’s easy to lose track of days and what happened when. I’m sure you can all relate to this.

The biggest things to report this week are from the board meeting held Sunday afternoon. Board members in attendance were Susan Ammons, Renee Brill, Yolanda Graham, Alex Kennedy, and me. Secretary Nancy Harms was on vacation snorkeling and didn’t even offer to take me with her! I hope she had a good time. Susan was appointed acting secretary in her absence.

We are still aiming for re-opening on September 26th with an outdoor service. It will still be on Zoom but we can gather to watch and be in community. To do that we will need canopies in case of rain and benches or chairs. If you have a canopy, you’re willing to share with us we appreciate it. We would also welcome any wooden benches or camp chairs you can bring. The final decision on this date won’t be made until our next board meeting on the 19th of September. In the meantime, give all those good vibes toward moving our potential infection level from red to orange so we don’t have to delay any further. Masks will be required even for the outdoor service to protect our children who can’t yet get the vaccine.

The other major item discussed was the search for a contract minister. Alicia Kallich has agreed to join Alex Kennedy, Susan Ammons and Nancy Harms in this search and questions were answered during the meeting to give Alex the information needed to fill out all the necessary forms. Soon we will be applying for a grant from NTUUC to help pay for the position. During this process we encourage congregants to attend board meetings and give input into what they envision in our future minister as well as putting out a survey.

We did get a new ceiling in Faith lobby. Unfortunately, there’s already been a leak detected from the roof that was supposedly fixed earlier. Our repairs team is working on finding out why we still have a problem and how to get it remedied without further cost. Since we are also waiting on a report from the engineer and insurance company about covering the repairs, we may not know the whole story for another couple of weeks, but I’ll share with you as soon as I have that information.

The front doors on Faith are currently being given a face lift! The old paint was stripped off by our awesome volunteers Kathy Grey, Kenneth Jackson, Rita Jackson, and Sherri Randall. Kathy, Kenneth, and Joslyn Grey worked hard to get them sanded. Soon the doors will be painted a deep red. This color was chosen because it is considered a color of welcoming. I’m sure photos will be up on Facebook, and we’ll make sure they are included in next Sunday’s service.

We will be starting a new social hour on Discord to add to the one we currently have on Zoom Friday nights. It will be set up on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm and will be hosted by Alex Kennedy. Times may change later when we get an idea of who is interested and when they are available. Join us either Tuesday or Friday to keep in touch with your community!

On September 5th I will be giving the sermon. It will be a State of the Congregation address to let everyone know how much we’ve been getting done over the past year. If you’re one of our leaders let me know what you’ve been up to so it can be included in the address. I know we’ve got some great things happening and I want to share!

Have a good week and I’ll see you all soon!

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of August 15th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

As of this week’s report we are still in the red so we won’t be having campus activities until that changes. The board will be discussing reopening at our meeting Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm so if you would like to have input we invite you to join us. The link is in the meeting section of this eblast.

We will also be discussing the results of our meeting with Christine Purcell and the beginning of our search for a contract minister. Again, we invite you to participate in this discussion. Since this is only the beginning of a long process you will have many opportunities to provide your input along the way.

Otherwise, it’s been a quiet week. An independent contractor was on campus the 17th to inspect the roofs of all the buildings for purposes of insurance and we will get the report from them in two or three weeks. We should also know if insurance will cover the damage or if we need to find another way to deal with the repairs. I’ll keep you updated as I know more.

I’ve heard the Widening the Circle of Concern group meeting on Sunday evenings is going well! If you’re interested in participating contact Renée at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the link. It’s going to take approximately 22 weeks to get through all the material since it involves listening to the tapes and discussion, but there’s no homework or preparation.

Stay safe and stay well. Remember, if you have any needs or concerns you are always welcome to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone will get back to you. We also have a good discussion going most Friday nights at social hour if you just want to kick back and chit chat.

See you all on Zoom!


Week of August 8th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

I hope everyone is enjoying these last days of summer before school ramps up and fall begins. Your board held their retreat this past weekend with a workshop led by Julie Cecil on being a non-anxious presence. Staff and LDC joined us for the workshop, so it became a great opportunity for us all to learn how to deal with some of the current anxiety while continuing to lead the church. Daniel Polk will be continuing this discussion Sunday with a sermon on the same topic.

Widening the Circle of Concern started Sunday evening and I heard some good reports on the first meeting! If you’re interested in joining the group, contact Renee Brill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the link and time.

Board members Beth Ferree, Alex Kennedy, Nancy Harms and Susan Ammons, as well as our admin, Rita Jackson, had a great meeting Monday evening with Christine Purcell from Southern Region about starting a search for a contract minister. Alex, Nancy, and Susan will begin the necessary paper, and leg, work right away. I expect to add another person to this team from the congregation as well. This may take some time since it is not the right season for ministers to be looking for placement, but we have a potential candidate in the back of our minds and are looking into that possibility as well. You will all be given an opportunity to fill out a survey soon. The board hires a contract minister, but we need your input in the process, so we find the person best suited to our congregation. It’s important that you all take the time to help them.

Another advantage to starting the search now is that we could get a large grant from NTUUC to help pay for this position! The knowledge that we could get up to $50,000 is a good incentive for us to do this now.

I hear Austin has declared a state of emergency due to the number of new COVID cases and Parkland has basically shut its doors due to the virus. Please stay safe and wear your mask. We’re still looking at when we can open our doors for services. Unfortunately, it gets more difficult when it involves a moving, and mutating, target. We’ll get there!

To continue our outreach and neighborhood relationships I have given permission to the school across the street to use our grounds in case of an emergency evacuation. Should the need arise, such as bad weather, we will open our doors to help.

We’re making real progress on the repairs at church! This week the ceiling in Faith is being fixed and updated. I’m sure Scott will be sharing photos of the progress.

In the meantime, we do have our social hour on Zoom Friday nights at 9:00 PM. It’s a good opportunity to just kick back and reconnect with your church family. As always, if you’re interested in meeting, but this isn’t a good time, just let me know. It takes five minutes to set up another time.

See you all Sunday!
Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of August 1st
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

This week was our last Workday Wednesday until September, as Rebecca travels out of town. If you get a chance, grab your mask, and come see how much was accomplished! The campus is looking good, and our new doors are being installed as we speak! UUCOC is rocking a whole new look for a whole new time! Let’s hope we can proceed with re-opening in late September. In the meantime, our fundraising committee is coming up with ideas for outdoor only events.

As of this morning (Wednesday, August 4th) we have entered the red zone, and that sounds very much like an episode of The Twilight Zone, doesn’t it? We will be closed for everything but those who have a need to be on campus and masks will be mandatory. You will also need to sign a waiver. Rentals will be allowed to continue so we don’t lose that income, but renters will be signing liability waivers.

We added two new members this week! Josh, Joie Hile and their two children have officially joined our little family. Welcome to the Hile family. Wait until you hear what they’re working on as a fundraiser for us. It’s a mini–Comic Con! We have so many gamers and geeks in our community this sounds like it may knock the socks off many of our other fundraisers and is expected to be held March 19,2022. I’m excited about the outreach potential!

Speaking of outreach, did you know our little church is one of the few that has continued to grow through the pandemic? We so successfully moved to a virtual service we now have people involved from all over the country! We’ve also gained a few new members during that time, proving a church is a lot more than just a building.

We were honored to host a donation box for Family Compass Thank you to everyone who donated school items for the Back-to-School drive.

Family Compass is the largest nonprofit in North Texas with the mission of child abuse prevention, a goal achieved through community education and parenting classes. Collected supplies will be delivered in backpacks to their client families for the upcoming school year. Learn more about them here. (a HUGE thank you to Rita Jackson who helps me keep track of everything!)

Thank you for being such an important part of our growing community. I look forward to a time when we can gather in person again, but I’m so impressed with how we are managing to stay together through what could be seen as Dickens’ “Worst of times.”

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of July 25th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

It’s been quiet the last week or so. Many are on vacation while others seem to be feeling the weight of another potential shutdown as the Delta variant spreads. As I write this, the warning just went up to orange so we will have to suspend Sunday gatherings for the service temporarily. Please only go on campus if you’re vaccinated and have a mask with you. Once we hit red the campus will need to be shut down again and open only to essential personnel. Thank you for your help in keeping us all safe.

Now that we have Zoom meetings mastered, it does not mean we aren’t still a church, and the committees that keep us going will continue to work diligently. My thanks to the Worship and Communications teams for taking on a bulk of the work during this difficult time.

Policies and Procedures are making some progress so we can have rules in place to help us transition to opening when it’s time. We agreed to reinstate the sign in sheet for anyone entering the buildings so that if anyone does test positive, everyone affected can be notified. Even if you’re vaccinated, please be aware of who you’re in contact with since there have been cases of vaccinated people getting the COVID virus.

The board met with Natalie Briscoe, from the UUA Southern Region, last week and approved a covenant. In early August we will be meeting with Christine Purcell to discuss the possibility of obtaining a contract minister. We feel this needs to be a priority right now and NTUUC is in the process of giving out grants on a quarterly basis that are specifically for ministry and staff needs. We’ll still need to come up with funds ourselves, so the fundraising team is starting to come up with some great ideas. We need help in getting the fundraisers going and successful so if you can volunteer a little time, it would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, stay cool, stay calm, and carry on. Take good care of yourself so we aren’t missing you when we are able to get back together.

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of July 18th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

I hope you all are doing well this week. As I mentioned last week, we do have a policies and procedures committee meeting on Thursdays at 1:00 PM. You can find the link below in the eBlast or on the calendar if you’d like to join the fun (okay, not fun, but increasingly necessary). Last week we decided our two priority committees are finance and membership. While the pastoral team is currently taking care of immediate congregants needs, we want to make sure everyone has access to what they need when learning about UU and the church. If you’re willing to help on either of those teams send me a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or let a member of LDC know. As we approach a possible re-opening in late September, we need all hands on deck to make sure our church opens and has adequate resources. We’re still gaining members and interested persons, so your help is greatly needed.

The board met with Natalie Briscoe of Southern Region Sunday afternoon to look over the Board covenant created by our board members. It was agreed upon and should be officially adopted at our next meeting. At that time, we will also be discussing Widening the Circle of Concern, the status on our re-opening, an update on repairs and the possibility of hiring a contract minister soon. As always, the meetings are open, and you’re welcome to join us any time. Due to the scheduling of vacations, we will meet this Thursday at 7:00 PM and will then resume our Sunday afternoon schedule.

Attendance for church on campus Sundays has been sparse so it’s currently being set up in the library. If we get more people, we will move to a larger area. If you’re interested in joining you might give Rita a call on Tuesday or Thursday, so we know the interest is there.

There will be a box available in Hope for the donation of school supplies. We are doing this in partnership with Family Compass. We will also be sharing a poster that will enable you to support them virtually through Amazon. Our outreach continues to be an integral part of our community.

As always, thank you for your time and attention to our church and the love that you show to your chosen family.

Have a great week!
Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of July 11th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

This past week a small group of us met to begin work on updating policies and procedures. If you’re interested in joining us for this project, we are currently working on Thursdays at 1:00 pm over Zoom. You’ll find the meeting link below in this week’s eblast, and on the church’s website calendar at Remember to check the calendar often for our meetings and events!

On the first Monday of each month, I attend a meeting of the UU Mental Health Network. This has proven to be a great way for me to keep up with what’s going on in that area.

I spent quite a bit of time myself this week on the UUA website going through materials that might benefit the congregation as we move forward. The board, with the LDC, has been looking at the leadership training materials there as well. Our hope is that we can better prepare members of the congregation for leadership positions rather than scrambling around in the last month. If you’re interested in a leadership position, but are unsure of what that means, please contact a board member or LDC committee member so we can answer any questions.

Renee put out a plea for help getting us ready for in-gathering on September 26th. A reminder that this is date is a goal, not set in stone. We recognize that there are a lot of variables that need to be considered before it’s completely safe for our children to attend. Please join Renee is helping get things together for us to return.

Only a few of us were on campus to participate in the Sunday Service on Zoom, but we’ll be there each week for anyone who wants to join us. We realized there are a few kinks to work out as we move toward live services, but we’ll get there, and this is a great opportunity for us to get input on how to make everyone comfortable and welcome.

In the meantime, we’re still meeting Friday nights at 9:00 pm on Zoom if you’re interested in some social time.

Have a great week!
Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of July 4th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

It has been a quiet week for the most part (praise to whomever is currently in charge), but still a lot of action on campus!

Thanks to Charlie Cranford we now have 193 new chairs! He acquired them from a church he used to attend, and these suit our needs much better. They are far more comfortable and wider for those who have difficulty with the smaller seats we were using. Thanks to the Workday crew they were all steam-cleaned this week and are now ready for service. One of the helpers from our greater community, Carlos Sanchez, and Rick Silvestre provided Peruvian beans to the team.

Some of us were back on campus Saturday to continue the work. The closet behind the sanctuary was painted, chairs wiped down, and the kitchen rearranged to make things easier if someone comes to the door of Hope in need of food.

This coming Sunday will be our first time back on campus where we will provide a space for anyone wishing to watch the Zoom service in the company of friends and family. Although we welcome attendance, we are trying to keep it to those who have been vaccinated, and no children, so we can also stay safe until we understand more about where the new COVID variant is headed. Please bring a mask and be prepared to help clean the area after services.

Have a great week!
Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of June 27th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

Although we had a few glitches along the way this week, it was, by and large, quiet. We aren’t currently planning any board meetings until July 18th to give everyone a break.

Workday Wednesday was another huge success! I heard Susan Ammons and Kathy Grey had way too much fun with the power washing so everything in sight was washed down. It looks great and I doubt we’re going to need to twist their arms to repeat the process. Paul Fucile provided the meal, and it was delicious!

General Assembly was this past week and we had three people attending. Our delegate was unable to attend so we did not have a vote, but we look forward to hearing what Johnnie Chatman, Sherri Randall and Jamiese Martin thought of the experience. For those of you who don’t know Jamiese, she’s a lifelong UU who moved here from Boston and hopes to join us for services after we re-open. She’s already been active with our social justice ministry and calls me frequently when she comes across a great outreach possibility.

It was agreed by the RE committee that we will soon have a computer available in Hope for people to sign in as we begin holding a virtual service watch on Sundays. These will start July 11th and will move to the sanctuary as soon as the repairs have all been completed. Another device will be available for guest sign-ins. This will help the Visitor Follow Up team keep track of guests who may see cars in the parking lot and want to join those viewing the service.

We do have a social hour on Fridays from 9-10 PM [see link below]. This is a great time to chat with fellow congregants and for us to start discussing our feelings around re-opening. If you would like to participate in this discussion, but aren’t available Fridays, let me know and we’ll begin offering more options.

Have a great week!
Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President


Week of June 20th
Weekly Report From The President’s Desk:

The board is ramping up discussions on the beginning of hybrid services and we want to extend to you all a huge thanks for taking part in the re-opening survey put on the website this week! It makes a huge difference in how we proceed when we know where our congregants stand. You still have until the 27th to fill it out and make your voice heard. You’ll find the link in the eBlast or on our Talkback page in Facebook. There’s a rumor some of our congregants and leaders are interested in moving service to a later time. Yay or nay? Let us know in the survey. Our target date for a full re-opening is September 26th with a huge in-gathering. All this is conditional on getting children vaccinated and making sure we can be safe on campus. Starting July 11th, we will have the Zoom services up in Hope chapel for those who wish to be in person. Once the ceiling in the Faith lobby is fixed, we’ll move to the sanctuary. Viewing in Hope will be limited, and we ask that only those who are vaccinated and comfortable come in person. Renee Brill will be creating a focus group to work on re-opening plans.

Your board is also currently working on the Covenant by which we will conduct business. Our governance is being completely overhauled with the help of Natalie Briscoe from Southern Region and we will be making some huge changes. We will keep you informed and invite you to offer feedback on how we move into the next incarnation of UUCOC.

Last week I met with the people who run the food pantry at the New Vida church, which is located just on the other side of the cemetery. I told them that we have a few people coming to our church seeking food assistance, but we do not have anything currently set up. They are eager to help us by providing a couple of bags of food to distribute and provided me with the contact information for more help as needed. If you would like to donate to this cause let Rita know and we’ll take care of making sure it gets to the right place. They will also be helping with the Veggie Store project on our grounds the second Saturday of each month to augment their pantry which is held on the first and third Saturdays. In exchange, we will be providing them with items from our ongoing Bags for the Homeless project and helping them promote the food pantry. There are options for us to join with them in events as we open, such as a wellness workshop with Parkland Hospital.

One of the programs they are currently working on is creating a clothing closet of business attire for those who are housing insecure and looking for a job. So, when you donate nice purses that can’t be filled with items they will go to that cause. You are also welcome to bring any clothing you no longer use to the church, and we will make sure it gets to the right place.

This past week the insurance adjuster was here to inspect the roof of Hope to determine the origin of a leak. He was unable to come to a firm conclusion so there will be another adjuster coming soon who is more highly trained. In the meantime, Performance Roofing will be here to provide their expertise and a quote for fixing the problem. Our board representative for repairs is Nancy Harms and is keeping the leaders informed

Workday Wednesday went swimmingly. The crew was able to move the couches out of Charity and put them out in front where they disappeared quickly to good homes. The hallway in Hope has begun to be painted and a lot of work was done outside on the grounds. Kudos to those willing to brave that heat this week! Nancy Harms provided pizza for everyone. A huge thank you to everyone who participated. If you haven’t been on the grounds lately it is looking GOOD!

This is the first of the weekly reports that will be provided on a continuing basis, so everyone is kept up to date on what is happening. If you have anything you’d like to add, please let me know by sending me a text at 214-861-1336 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You’re also welcome to give Rita a call or message and she’ll send it along.

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Board President