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What Makes an Age Dark?

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Time & Talent

By giving of yourself, you can help make our church a special place while meeting other members and serving the community, Read about the different opportunities, and consider volunteering to help keep our church vibrant!

Build community by creating bulletin boards and engaging in other fun, creative activities. Great opportunities for sharing talents with our young people.

Create community by preparing food for church gatherings.

Demonstrate care & compassion by providing support for members and visitors who are in need.

Event Planning
Engage congregants and the community in fun, motivational and/or educational events such as Jazz Jam, Vaudeville Night, Solstice Celebrations and more.

Finance & Planning
Help envision the future of our church and establish the steps to get us there. If you have a talent for fundraising or for saving money we need your talents to keep our church fiscally healthy.

Gardening & Grounds
Keeping our commitment to the Earth in action by planting and caring for flowers & plants, landscaping with native plants, installing rain barrels & beehives and more.

Graphic Design
Use your talent to make church publications, booths and signs more engaging, inspiring and fun through graphic design.

Embody our caring and welcoming spirit by greeting members and guests on Sunday morning or lend a hand with coffee, tea and refreshments.

Use your skills to hold a leadership position as well as to grow our membership and fill openings by encouraging new people and members to become involved in church activities.

Keep our church welcoming and safe by repairing, painting and maintaining the property.

Use your talent to promote our church through news outlets, social media and more!

Strengthen the bonds of our church by tracking and following up with new members and supporting current members.

Do you sing or play an instrument? Can you help identify songs videos, musicians and singers for our worship services? Share your talent with our congregation.

Office Admin
Help keep us organized and on track by filing, printing and performing other miscellaneous office tasks.

Use your talent to document the joy of our events by taking pictures.

Social Justice
Help promote justice and dignity for all by finding films for First Tuesday Film Festival, seeking out events of interest to the group, helping with set up and tear down for events.

Teaching (Adult)
Help adults in their spiritual journey by teaching or assisting with religious education classes or leading other discussions.

Teaching (Youth)
Help our young people as they learn the principles of UU by teaching or assisting with religious education classes.

Are you a whiz with online communication tools such as Zoom? Do you have a special relationship with PowerPoint, audio editing. lighting or electronics? See how your talents can help our church.

Help find words of wisdom and food for thought by assisting in the planning of services and sermons.

If exclamation points excite you and you care for commas, use your gift to promote events, provide blurbs for the newsletter and more .

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