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Adult Religious Exploration
Sunday, February 24, 2019
11:15am : 12:15pm

Feb. 24: Workshop 3

How We Grow in Faith - Philosophy of Religious Education: This workshop introduces the philosophy of Unitarian Universalist religious education, especially the concept of lifespan faith development as the search for truth and meaning that goes on throughout our lives. Activities emphasize the role of narrative and the need for religious education to provide ways to respond to all that life presents. Participants hear the experiences of congregants involved with our religious education program in a variety of different roles and capacities.

This is part of "The New UU" program - for additional details please visit our Religious Exploration page.




Thandeka Room (Classroom/Library)

Classroom/Library (Room 4)
Capacity 6 - 8

UUCOC: Hope Building
3839 W. Kiest Blvd.
Dallas Texas 75233