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Visit Our Grounds


Our grounds have been officially certified as a

Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary by the National Wildlife Federation and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

A watercolor illustration of grounds

Charter member, Harry Jones, prepared this map which illustrates our Church grounds and walking trails.

According to our founders, the grounds of UUCOC were originally a part of a much larger plot which included the Five Mile Cemetery to the east. Harry Jones' watercolor shows the location of the original Cockrell Hill Baptist Church on the NW corner of the property.

That church building was still standing when the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship purchased the 4.89 acres, but it was being used as a horse barn at the time. The building was eventually razed because it had become unstable and a hazard.

Considering the cemetery was apparently started in 1869, this land has been used in religious ways for almost 150 years.

In 2010 we installed "Mary's Garden" and our Gazebo in honor of long-time member, Mary Leggitt.

  Visit our Gazebo.

Mouse-over the map of our grounds for a photo tour.


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