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The Uncomfortable Truth About Easter

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Sunday, April 5, 2020:



Embrace Anger with Loving Kindness to Calm Ourselves & the World with

Let's consider Thich Nhat Hanh's teaching about negative emotions and how they could inform our path in the present moment.
Stacey Smith Pankratz was in our pulput.



06-24-2018 Muslim Prayer
Autumn VanVolkinburg

1:50 min
Comments: Autumn opened our service with this prayer.
05-27-18 Memorial Day and the Military Economy
Rev. Larry Brumfield

21:34 min
Comments: Has this phenomena become so commonplace that we accept it as normal?
06-03-18 The Chip on my Spiritual Shoulder
Darvin Stephens

13:52 min
Comments: Darvin Stephens returns to our pulpit.
06-10-18 Faith in What?
Donna Leach

22:47 min
Comments: How many times has someone told us to "have faith"? What does that mean, exactly? What are we as UU's to have faith in?
06-17-2018 How to be a good Dad
Renée Brill

16:45 min
Comments: Renée Brill returns to Dallas and to our pulpit with a celebration of Fathers' Day.
06-24-2018 Coming Out to Love
BeeBee Gafoor

37:31 min
Comments: BeeBee talks about her life experiences that have led to a spiritual transformation into heart-centered living.
07-01-2018 Becoming Unitarian Universalist
Renée Brill

17:51 min
Comments: Renée Brill presented a "How To Guide" for the Never Ending process of converting to Unitarian Universalism for individuals and congregations.
07-29-2018 The Rejected Stones
Rev. Larry Brumfield

26:19 min
Comments: Rev. Larry Brumfield delivered the message that the rejected must LEAD the revival for Love and Justice! (Apologies for some issues with a few sections of the recording.)
11-25-18 Living In Answered Prayer
BB Gafor

25:38 min
Comments: BB shared some of her personal experiences and practices that moved her out of a life of quiet desperation into a life lived in answered prayer.
12-23-2018 Birth & Other Human Miracles
Renee Brill

14:43 min
Comments: The Christmas Story Through a UU Lens




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