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Sunday Services

Journey to a New Church

There is both prose and poetry in the life of our liberal faith tradition. It calls us, not only to dream of human improvement, it expects us to create a sanctuary where joy abides – where justice-seeking becomes real. It calls us all to a spirited, eclectic feast, filled with fun.

Our Sunday Services begin at 10:00 am.

January 27th

Darvin Stephens will be in our pulpit.

February 3rd
The Do's and Don'ts of Cultural Appropriation

Borrowing from other cultures isn't just inevitable, it's potentially positive. Yes / No / Maybe?
Rev. Larry Brumfield will be in the pulpit.

February 10th
Coming Out Of The Closet For Reproductive Justice

Rev. Chuck Freeman will be in our pulpit.

For decades the religious right has dominated the spiritual narrative on reproductive issues. Their impact has been felt through laws being enacted by our Texas legislature. In 2013 when Governor Perry called the special session to pass horrible war on women laws there was no coherent organization for progressive spiritual action. Rev. Freeman helped found Texas Faith Voices For Reproductive Justice and Reproductive Justice Congregations. ( The recent Supreme court nomination process clearly revealed the war on women still rages. Now more that ever it is imperative for congregations to be true to our spiritual DNA and come out the closet for Reproductive Justice!

February 17th

Donna Leach will return to our pulpit.

February 24th

Renée Brill returns to our pulpit.


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Logistics of Sunday Worship:

Refreshments are available in the lobby before the service. Chiming bells at 10:00 am call everyone to the sanctuary — and you are welcome to bring your coffee and snacks! Our services generally follow a regular order of announcements, hymns, readings, sharing of joy and sorrows, sermon, and offeratory. They often include a "dramatic moment" or special music. We have members of all ages at UUCOC — singles, couples, and families. We encourage everyone to sit wherever they are most comfortable. A nursery is available in the Hope building and is staffed on most Sundays. If staff is not available on a particular Sunday, parents are welcome to use the nursery and listen to the service via our speaker system.

After the service, adults are encouraged to stay for "Talk Back" — a great chance to share your thoughts, and hear what others think, about the sermon topic and more. 

Youth are invited to join our religious exploration classes, which begin at 10:00 am in the Hope Building.


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