Our Current Board

Board of Trustees: (1 year term)

President: Vijay Tanwar (2018)

Vice President: Darvin Stephens (2018)

Secretary: Susan Ammons (2018)

Board of Trustees (2 year term)

Treasurer: Ben Marmaduke (2019)


Jose Espericuenta (2019)

Charlie Cranford (2019)

Kathy Grey (2018)

Past President

Dan Brown

Endowment Fund Managers ( 3 years)

Sherri van der Wege (2019)

Jim Klipp (2018)
[Appointed to fill the remainder of Dave Biehl’s term]

Stephen Betzen (2020)

Leadership Development Committee ( 2 years)

Chair: Brad Guerrero-Neri (2019)

Barbara Fudge (2018)

Becky Brown (2018)

Robertus van der Wege (2019)

Gus Warren (2019)

[ed. note: This will be updated by July 1 to reflect those who were elected in April]

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