Sunday, September 30

Sunday Service – Sept. 30th:
My Family Tree and Suicide


“If love were enough to stop someone who is suicidal from hurting themselves, suicides would hardly ever happen.”

Shari Adkisson will be in our pulpit.
“My family has a long and twisted history with suicide. This will be a personal and emotional recounting and may trigger susceptible people. Suicide is the leading cause of death for all people from 10-34.”

Help Wanted


From our Leadership Development Committee:

We need a board treasurer, at least two, likely three, more to join the Leadership Development Committee, and we are looking for a couple of people to help manage our annual fundraiser.

Please contact Robertus van der Wege if you can help!

The CEO of an energy company sets his family into a state of flux with a staggering secret while dealing with a much larger crisis at work. Denial tells exactly the kind of complex, deeply personal story about climate change we need at this moment.

This film is not just about transgender issues, it’s about climate change and the more human question of how we deny who we are and compromise to the point of it possibly killing us. It is a unique look at climate change set against the backdrop of Christine Hallquist’s story as the first Transgender CEO to transition in office and the first Transgender Candidate for Governor.

Please share and help us spread the word on this important film!

“A moving portrayal of a family in flux set in the context of a larger world in crisis…The film wisely asks, how will we – as individuals, as community members, as a species – adapt to a changing world? It also begs a question not typically found in ‘traditional’ environmental documentaries: Can more inclusive, dynamic understandings of gender and sexuality lead us to more courageous thinking about how to sustain life on an ailing planet?”
– Lauran Whitworth, Visiting Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies, Agnes Scott Collegea

You can also read Beth Ferree’s review of this moving film on our “Deeper UUnderstanding” blog.

As 501(c)3 organizations, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff/First Tuesday Social Justice Film Festival and the Dallas Peace & Justice Center do not endorse any political candidate or campaign.


Our Fifth Principle

Yesterday was National Voter’s Registration day.  UUs encourage each and every person old enough to vote to do so. Many of our members are certified to register voters and very willing to guide others along the way. We do not necessarily endorse any particular candidate; however, our conscience is always guided by those who we believe will best represent our belief that the world will only change by caring for the less fortunate and recognizing the worth and dignity of each human.

Voting is your right in a nation that provides you with that ability to voice your conscience. With that right, it also becomes your responsibility.


The News You Need for Sunday, September 23

Elaine Wildman will be available Sunday with the requisite forms to register voters and help anyone who needs to change their address. She is asking everyone to come in clothing related to voting. It could be red, white and blue or a shirt related to your favorite candidate. Let’s all support the essential goal of gathering the masses to vote!

Sunday Service – Sept. 23rd:
The Artist as a Tool of Social Change.

The work of visual artists has traditionally been a reflection of the society in which they live. Those artworks often serve as a mirror that provides insights into who we are as people. Occasionally, however, some artists generate work so profound that we are disturbed by what we see and we are changed. Robertus van der Wege will examine some of those works, the artists who created them, and the changes those works initiated.






Our Fourth Principle

We each have our own concept of what Truth is. As humans, we are engineered to find what gives our life meaning and how to create that in our daily lives. Those of us who follow the principles of UU recognize that there is no one truth, nor is every person required to seek meaning within the constraints of a particular religion or philosophy. In the end, you do you. There’s no better expert in the world on where you’ll find meaning. Just don’t hurt others in the process.

When You Got PRIDE You Hold a Parade!

Join us this Sunday, September 16 to join the PRIDE parade festivities! We promise you a great time (and probably tired feet if you walk).

The best part of all? You don’t have to try to find parking! We’re taking a van full of people to the parade from the church. Further details coming shortly.

Get you some PRIDE!