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On January 25, 2019, we will open the UBarU Speakeasy where there will be a mystery to solve!
Bring your creativity and join the intrigue as we develop our characters, enjoy the 1920’s and figure out who is the culprit!

More details are on our website:

Cost is $150 for all the fun and intrigue if you register before 1/1/19!

Arrive Friday night (1/25/19) to begin the improvisational crime fighting and leave Sunday morning after the prizes are awarded!

See you in the 1920’s!

UBarU will host an Astronomy weekend March 1-3, 2019 with lectures and viewing for adults and supervised children.

In answer to many requests for a winter-sky star party, this weekend offers a night sky that is almost exactly opposite to that seen at our 2018 Labor Day Weekend star party. This will offer a good time for stargazers of all ages and expertise to view and/or image objects not seen in the summer under the beautiful dark skies at UBarU. There will be a late-rising, waning Moon to set the stage for brilliant views, of deep-sky objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy, the Orion Nebula, the Pleiades, and other winter treasures. Astronomer-guided viewing at the UBarU Youth Astronomical Observatory telescopes will be offered as an option both nights. Additional telescopes will also be available for viewing and learning as well as light-protected locations for attendees who wish to bring their own scopes to use for self-directed viewing and/or imaging. The weekend will also feature a workshop on astrophotography with DSLR cameras led by John Phelps, who conducted the workshops on nightscape photography at the Labor Day Weekend star parties in 2016 and 2018.
Reserve a bunk in the Suites or bring a gang to Hermitage House (until it is reserved)! There are lots of details available at regarding lodging, meal options, and to register. We will have the cottages available (with or without a meal plan), camping, private rooms in the Suites building (meals included) and bunks. Meal plans can be purchased if you are camping, just coming out for the day or staying in the cottages. Feel free to email with any questions or suggestions. for detailed pricing of the various options.

Dark sky photos by John Phelps.

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