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Sunday Service – Nov. 11th:     
“Elevator Speech Part 2 –
Taking It To The Next Floor”

Introducing our religion to others can be difficult. While having a catchy profile is a great start, how do you take things from swiping right to building a deeper relationship?

Congregation President Vijay Tanwar returns to our pulpit.

UUCOC Fall Parish Meeting & Potluck Luncheon

Come to hear what our ministries & committees have been up to.
And we will be voting on one change to the bylaws.
Please attend!

(And did we mention PotLuck luncheon?)

Faith Sanctuary
November 11, 2018, 12:30 PM

1. President’s report
2. Reports from UUCOC Ministries and Committees
3. The proposed change to the UUCOC bylaws


Information regarding financial contributions and/or pledges shall be known only to the Treasurer and the Chairperson of the Ministry of Finance. Contributions of record from any member of a household shall be deemed contributions from all members of that household who are members themselves.

Remove Article III, Section 2 from the bylaws. Instead, this subject will be addressed under UUCOC Policies and Procedure as follows.

Information regarding pledges and financial contributions shall be incorporated into the church management software. The church software administrator shall be responsible for making sure that access to member financial information is correctly assigned to, and limited to, the church bookkeeper and the currently serving Treasurer.

UUCOC Church Grounds CleanUp!

November 17th, Starting at 8:00 am

Before we embark on our landscape facelift, we need to do some serious “clean up” of our grounds!

Underbrush, invasive plants, etc.!

Bring your favorite tools! And gloves!

Please contact Darvin Stephens or Richard Thompson with any questions.

Jazz Jam!
Next Event:
November 11, 2018
5:00 – 7:00PM

Do you love playing Jazz?
Do you love singing Jazz?
Do you love listening to Jazz?
Would you enjoy listening to Jazz in a quiet setting while having a glass of wine or a cold beer and letting the sounds take you away to places you enjoy?

The jam will start at 5 pm and end around 7 pm. Admission is FREE!!!

Players bring your instruments of choice, voice, and your Real Books (Hal Leonard 6th edition VOL I & II) and join in with the fun. If you want to try something newly written, bring it along as well. All tips will be distributed evenly among the performers.

We will not have equipment for musicians to use on these evenings, so please be as self-contained as possible.

Please RSVP if possible to so we will know how many of you to expect – if not then just show up anyway. All are welcome!

If you participate by listening, please bring your wine, beer and a feast for your appetite. We have had listeners even bring a candelabra to decorate their table for the evening.

Say hello to “Princess”– a sprightly 3 – 4-year-old Chihuahua mix

Princess needs a new home.
Please see Carol or Darvin Stephens

Thanksgiving at UUCOC!

Is your family too far away? Geographically? Spiritually? Politically?

Come to join your church family for our Thanksgiving PotLuck!

Watch for details.
(Plan on eating about 1 pm)

Please contact Kathy Grey or Annie McNamara.

AND – Mark your calendars for Dec. 16th – UUCOC Christmas Party!

Help Wanted

From our Leadership Development Committee:

We need at least two, likely three, more to join the Leadership Development Committee, and we are looking for a couple of people to help manage our annual fundraiser.

Please contact Robertus van der Wege if you can help!

Want to have a BIG impact on the littler members of our church?

RE is looking for volunteers!

Help the next generation to become kind, respectful, fair-minded, caring people strong enough to side with love and fight for justice!

Please contact Kathy Kauffman KinKaid

Do you want to know where to go to connect with our church, our members, and our community?

We’ve created a new page on the website to break down all of the exciting options now available:

Coffee Help Needed!  

We could still use additional volunteers to help with the Sunday morning coffee & snacks.

There will be no coffee without volunteers to make it!

Contact Jose at

Have you signed up for Breeze?

Not yet?

Help will be available this Sunday!



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