A Holiday Message to All

The other day I reviewed the film Dark Money for our First Tuesday Film taking place January 1. Since documentaries are not generally “feel good” movies I watched The Man Who Invented Christmas as a way to balance out my mojo. Instead, I was struck by how similar the messages were. I wondered, for a moment, if anything has really changed over the centuries. It feels as though Scrooge and Marley were merely updated to corporations.

The thing is, I still see the potential for a far-reaching change that could never have happened before. Where there is dark money there are investigative journalists shining a light on it. Where there were workhouses there was a Dickens illuminating the dark dismal corners.  After Dickens, the workhouses were closed. Where the dark money has infiltrated government it is being exposed and investigated.

It’s a different world today and nothing can be hidden any longer, regardless of efforts by those who wish to get away with bribery or threats. Social media may have brought us “fake” news, but it also brought us transparency and a majority recognize the truth amid the lies. Those who refuse to see it are bound by their own ignorance and, let’s be real, the ignorant don’t change the world.

I write this on Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and I am reminded that tomorrow the days get longer, the sun stronger and the light brighter. It can be a new beginning if we choose to see it as such. As for me, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is all good for the darkness of the world must be exposed in order to allow the light in.

Enjoy this season with family and friends, then come back renewed to continue the work we are all called to do. May 2019 be the year we side with love more fully and seek justice so we show the inherent worth and dignity of all persons to the world.

Happy Holidays,


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