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On Tuesday, January 1, 2019, our First Tuesday Films, in conjunction with The Dallas Peace and Justice Center will present Dark Money. A film that shows us exactly what happens when corporations fund political campaigns. It is about the issues that arise when donors contribute to those nonprofits set up with the intention of influencing the American vote. Although it is set primarily in Montana, it is relevant to every state in the nation.

On this particular night, we will have a guest. Katy Bettner co-produced Dark Money, and will be available for discussion after the show.

Here is a description from Katy herself:

Katy Drake Bettner is an executive in the entertainment industry having co-founded both Playful Corp with her husband Paul, a game studio in McKinney TX and BetRed Stories, a media company with her friend Amy Redford out of Sundance Utah.
Katy is a member of the Women at Sundance Leadership Council, Women Donor Network, Way to Win, the TED community and serves on various boards including the McKinney Chamber of commerce. The Bettners work best when they have way too much on their plates so Katy is also active in politics and philanthropy while raising 3 kids (10/8/5) and a fluffy dog while splitting time between McKinney and Sundance. (Dark Money, The Infiltrators, Raise Hell: The Life &Times of Molly Ivins, Swallow, Always in Season, Akicita).

You can also read my review here:

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