A Man Named Pearl and His Magical Garden

Bishopville, South Carolina was once a sleepy little town suffering in the ever-changing economy until Pearl Fryar arrived.

He is a simple man. A southern gentleman whose only desire was to get a job and care for his family. But, when this black man wanted to purchase a home in a primarily white neighborhood his life suddenly experienced a major shift. He was told he was unwelcome because they didn’t feel black people were as likely to take care of their yards. Rather than argue with them Pearl decided to show them what he could do.

He, instead, purchased a home in a black neighborhood and went to work creating a series of topiary masterpieces in his yard. At first, his goal was simple: to win the Bishopville garden club’s yard of the month. Once that was accomplished he gradually created a place where people from all over the world would come to find peace and beauty. As a result, one humble black man changed the economic status of an entire community.

This film is a must-see for anyone who appreciates art, gardening, or just the wonderful story of one man with an indomitable story. It shows us how his faith and determination got him through it all.

Pearl started out his garden with the scraps from a nursery. As the plants and trees grew he taught himself to cut the trees into various shapes using his chainsaw and an affinity for mathematical shapes.

You’ll see his love for people come out in the way he greets visitors, both expected and unexpected. There’s little not to love about his story and the inspiration he has spread through the world.

So, join us on Tuesday, February 5th at 7 PM in the sanctuary at UUCOC to see this awe-inspiring tale of hope and determination.

This film is co-sponsored by First Tuesday Films and The Dallas Peace and Justice Committee

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