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"We, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff, facilitate individual spiritual growth, and manifest our shared values through action with the greater community."

Church Rentals:
If you are planning for a wedding, reception, quinceañera, graduation, holiday party, or celebrating a retirement, anniversary, birthday, or school or civic event, family reunion, baptism, or holding an association or business function - please visit our Church Rentals pages for details and contact our Rentals Manager at 469-203-2040 to inquire about availability, pricing, and to make your reservations.

Church Events:
If you are creating a church-related event, please fill out the form below

UUCOC Event Planning & Submission Form

We want you to have to wonderful event, so working out these details in advance will be a big help.

Please note that all events held on the grounds and using the facilities of the UUCOC are held under the following guidelines and expectations.

If you are planning an event that is not directly affiliated with any church activities, committees, or ministries, especially on Friday and Saturdays, please reach out directly to the rental managers at (469) 203-2040 to discuss setting up a rental event with them.  Additional details on our facilities rentals can be found here.

[Dec 6, 2022: This is a Work in Progress & Subject to Change]

Use of UUCOC property or facility for any project or event that is open to the public must adhere to the following policy and procedures:

A. Complete this form to submit your request for use of the grounds and/or our facilities.

B. Upon submission, your request will be automatically forwarded to the Board and to the Communications Team for approval and dissemination through all appropriate channels.

C. Upon approval, your event will be entered into the church calendar.

D. A percentage [% T.B.D.] of the fees or requested donations beyond the expenses of the event is expected to be contributed to UUCOC as approved by the Board unless otherwise waived.

E. Ongoing events already approved by the board are exempt from the previous considerations.

F. The church will be returned in the same or better condition than it was prior to the event. If any damage occurs during an event, you are expected to make your best effort to fix, replace or pay for any damage.

G. All cleaning should be completed and all people should be out no later than 2:00 am.

H. Make sure all kitchen appliances, fans, and lights, are off (except for those switches covered by metal or plastic clamps).

I. Before leaving, a final inspection is recommended. Check for any personal belongings left behind. Everything that was brought in must be taken out.

J. Set the alarm systems as required.

K Make sure all doors are locked and secure.


Contact Information

Who is submitting this event information?

Proposed Date(s) / Alternate Date(s)

Please note:
If your event is planned for a Friday or Saturday, the rental coordinators will be consulted to make certain we do not have any conflicts once you submit this form.

Please visit the website to check the calendar before going any further:


(Will open in new window.)

Event Expenses & Funding

Rough, initial estimates will be fine.
What type of permit & who will be securing & paying for it?
Select as many as appropriate.
Select as many options as applicable .
If outside partners will be involved, please list them and their roles.
Please select all areas you will be needing for this event.
Please select as many as appropriate.
Please provide details on any needed people and safety equipment need for the event.

Event Staffing

Post Event Clean Up

Cleaning up after all events is required. Please make certain you have a plan in place.
Please list any needed supplies to make certain that they are available.

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