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"We, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff, facilitate individual spiritual growth, and manifest our shared values through action with the greater community."

Time & Talent

By giving of yourself, you can help make our church a special place while meeting other members and serving the community, Read about the different opportunities, and consider volunteering to help keep our church vibrant!

Advertising raises awareness of the church’s message and activities by collaborating with local media and distributing print materials.

Communications serves as the primary contact for media inquiries, writes publications, coordinates internal communication, and facilitates communication with the wider community to promote church activities and share the church's message.

Coordinator/Meeting Facilitator organizes team activities, facilitates meetings, and manages team dynamics to ensure smooth team functioning and effective communication.

Events Team members may help with planning, staffing, set up & clean up as well as developing themes, budgeting, coordinating speakers, performers & guests, gathering feedback and other logistics.

Leadership Training is for those who aren’t quite ready to serve in a leadership position but would like to learn how to serve in leadership development, on the endowment team or on the board as a trustee or as an officer or learn to lead a committee.

Member Outreach builds a welcoming & inclusive community where people feel connected, valued & empowered by welcoming newcomers, providing orientation, connecting members through events & groups, supporting spiritual growth, and communicating regularly.

Religious Education Team develops & implements curriculum for children & adults, covering UU history, theology, and ethics creating a welcoming environment for all learners and ensures the program aligns with church values & mission.

Right Relationships Committee fosters a supportive & inclusive community by promoting a safe & welcoming space for all, addresses conflicts & concerns in a compassionate & fair manner, and develops policies & procedures to prevent & respond to misconduct.

Social Justice & Community Outreach Team promotes social justice, equity, and compassion by educating the community, engaging with marginalized communities, providing service & outreach, advocating for just policies, and building inclusive communities.

Social Justice Films Team assists in selecting & screening our quarterly social justice films and helps with set up, post-film audience discussion, and clean up.

Social Media manages platforms, creates content, and fosters online communities to promote church activities and share the church's message.

Workday Team maintains the outdoor sacred spaces on the church grounds and cares for the inside of our buildings by doing minor repairs, painting, etc.

Worship Team selects elements of the service including prayers, readings, hymns, etc., ensures elements are appropriate and supports the service's message.


Pledging Time & Talent

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Reporting Volunteer Hours

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